Style Editor's Note!


Lately, people have been questioning the value of a little Botox on the brows. They're not sure what it can do for a man. I'll tell you what: It can get said man promoted from a thankless gig as "Style Editor" at the Ladue News to a pimp-ass job as "Style Editor" at the Riverfront Times.

Deb Peterson's darn right, I ankled the Ladue Snooze. Never mind that no one but Deb and I know the meaning of the verb "ankle." Let's just say it takes two to ankle — plus strawberry preserves and James Brown's hot tub.

Speaking of hot tubs, that's what's in this winter. Clothing? Out. I recently traveled to a fashion show in Cuba (Missouri), and all people were doing was drinking beer and sitting in hot tubs naked. They used very little Botox, but that's still in.

Also definitely in: Communism and Se Habla Español.

One thing Deb didn't reveal is the terms of the contract I inked with the RFT. Let's just say it puts me at the top of the masthead and pays for a boat slip in an exclusive section of the Lake of the Ozarks.

The first change I'm making as RFT Style Editor is that henceforth when you call the paper and get put on hold you'll hear Everything but the Girl. As in, 24/7. Last time I called, I heard some Verve Pipe and was like, "No she didn't!" So now when you call, it'll be nothing but Tracey Thorn's creamy vocals in front of a subtle break beat.

Oh, and look for DSly on the E! channel soon!

If you're rough enough for love, honey, I'm tougher than the rest.


Darin "DSly" Slyman
RFT Style Editor

P.S.: Oh, yeah, and I hereby announce a contest: "Where's DSly?" Hidden somewhere in this week's issue is the face of yours truly, RFT Style Editor DSly. The first five readers who spot DSly win an eight-by-ten glossy photo of me! E-mail your info to [email protected].

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