Sucky Cardinals Season Just Gets Worse: KSDK Will Air Season 'Highlights' Instead of 'Community'

Oct 7, 2010 at 3:15 pm
Take a good hard look at the image to the right. That's the schedule for local NBC affiliate KSDK -- tonight's roster of delightful television programming. 

Is there anything there that shouldn't be? No, we're not talking about Jay Leno -- though may we take this opportunity to add: Team Coco forever! -- the intruder is a few time slots earlier than that. 

What is this "Cardinal Special" squatting on the 7 p.m. timeslot, where a new episode of "Community" should be?

It turns out we're going to be subjected to "highlights" of the Cards' disappointing 86-76 season, and we'll have to wait until Sunday night at 11:30 to catch this week's new "Community" ep on air. Or you can always watch "Community" on Hulu tomorrow afternoon, like some poor, television-less college student, or some kind of peasant, remembering the good old days when Thursday nights meant comedy, not a half hour of stirrup-pants-wearing tragedy. Sniff.

(Hat tip to P-D TV critic Gail Pennington's Twitter.)