Survey Sayz ... St. Louisans Think "Grass is Greener Somewhere Else"

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There's slush the color of wet concrete on the sidewalks, in gutters and on roads. Jobs are hard to come by and our winter sports teams are atrocious! But do St. Louisans really think of their town as St. Louis Shitty?

Percentage of residents who say they want to live in this city or its surrounding metro area. - Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center
Percentage of residents who say they want to live in this city or its surrounding metro area.
While February was chosen as the Best Month to Leave St. Louis by this very paper last year (and for good reason), a new study suggests city residents want to leave year-round.

The Pew Research Center study released last week finds that 82 percent of St. Louisans think the "grass is greener somewhere else." Denver ranks best in the study, with 43 percent of its residents preferring to live nowhere else but the Rocky Mountain city.

Unlike other surveys that invariably rank St. Louis last (or first if we're talking murders and venereal diseases), the Gateway City actually finishes above towns like Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Cleveland -- and Detroit, where only 8 percent of the residents are happy where they are.

Local news reacted to the study with man-on-the-street stories. One in particular, KMOV, used the jewel of downtown, Washington Avenue, as its setting. Biased? Thinly veiled boosterism? Naaaaaah.

KMOV's Matt Sczesny admittedly was skeptical about study. I'm guessing to support his skepticism, he apparently went to where the young, affluent St. Louisans reside -- Washington Avenue. Try going to North St. Louis or South or West. I think one might find more honest answers there.
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