Survey Sez: Missouri "Sharply Divided" on Health Care Reform

Jan 26, 2011 at 8:00 am
click to enlarge Courtesy of - Missouri is still divided on Obamacare.
Missouri is still divided on Obamacare.
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Almost a full year after President Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. health care reform, a.k.a Obamacare) into law, Missouri remains sharply divided on its merits, according to a new survey from a local nonprofit agency.

You can read the results here.

The survey, which polled 800 Missouri voters on behalf of the Missouri Foundation for Health, found that 50 percent oppose the new law, while 32 percent support it and 20 percent are still undecided. That's a slight decrease in opposition from August 2010, when close to 55 percent of state voters told pollsters they opposed the reforms.

But the poll did find a few silver linings for fans of healthcare reform.

Namely, majorities of those surveyed support "key provisions of the legislation," according to the nonprofit's press release. That includes 88 percent who like the idea of giving tax credits to small businesses so they can purchase health insurance, 74 percent who agree it should be illegal for insurance companies to deny healthcare based on preexisting conditions and 88 percent who support protecting against price gouging by those same big, bad insurance companies.

Leaving beside for a moment the question of who the hell would support something termed as "price gouging," those numbers suggest that while House Republicans may think they're doing something popular by repealing the bill, it could come back to haunt them come election season. (We can just hear the voiceover for the campaign commercial now: "Representative John Doe claims to support the people -- but he actually supported repealing a law that would reign in for-profit insurance companies and prevent them from PRICE GOUGING!")

Also, the survey found, "overall support for health reform rose from 30 to 43 percent once the respondents had a better understanding of the provisions included."

Oh, America. This just goes to show what we've long suspected about democracy: There are no undecided voters. Only really freaking stupid ones.