Sweet Jesus! What Happened to Tony La Russa's Face?

La Russa of his eye: It's like bad makeup in a horror movie. - Image via Fox Sports Midwest
Image via Fox Sports Midwest
La Russa of his eye: It's like bad makeup in a horror movie.
Update May 10: It's now reported that La Russa is battling shingles.

Update May 9: La Russa continues to be plagued by the infection in and around his right eye. Today the Cardinals' manager is headed to the Mayo Clinic for an examination. The condition does not appear to be pinkeye -- as first reported -- but rather some kind of strange viral infection.

Original story appears below...

Did you happen to catch one of the post-game press conferences yesterday with Tony La Russa following the Cardinals' double-header against the Washington Nationals?

If not, you missed a real fright-fest. Only this time it wasn't due to the manager's notoriously surly demeanor.

No, this time conjunctivitis (a.k.a. pink eye) is to blame. La Russa has one of the worst cases of the infection we've ever seen. His entire right eye is sealed shut, and he's broken out in a rash on his forehead above the eye.

Yesterday, La Russa told the Belleville News-Democrat that the infection is actually on the mend and not nearly as uncomfortable as it was over the weekend in Los Angeles.

"I'm not in a lot of pain," said La Russa yesterday. "It just scares kids. Like bad makeup in a horror movie."

Here's a couple of more images of the pink eye from hell.

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