Take the 2020 News Quiz

2020 brought us Patricia and Mark McCloskey.
2020 brought us Patricia and Mark McCloskey. THEO WELLING

Were you paying attention this year? Test your 2020 knowledge with Riverfront Times columnist Ray Hartmann's annual news quiz.

Quiz Scoring System:

10 correct out of 10: You spend too much time reading the RFT

8-9 correct: You did better on this quiz than picking election winners

6-7 correct: Just like in school

0-5 correct: What are you doing here? You need to be stopping the steal

1. A collar with 10-karat yellow gold and blue sapphires was given by

a) Eric Greitens to his new girlfriend after he got divorced by wife Sheena

b) Brett Hull and Bob Plager to Eric Greitens' new girlfriend

c) Brett Hull and Bob Plager to Barclay the Dog

d) Eric Greitens to Barclay the Dog

2. Who said "there's more n-----s that hate the white community than crackers and honkeys who hate the Black community"?

a) Rapper Bobby Ro

b) Bob Romanik

c) Jeff Roorda

d) Mark McCloskey

3. When the Chiefs won the Super Bowl, who did Donald Trump congratulate by tweet?

a) The great city of St. Louis

b) The great state of Missouri

c) The great state of Kansas

d) The great state of Canton

4. A Best Buy manager booted Chesterfield City Councilman Tom DeCampi from his store for refusing to wear a mask and acting like

a) "A total a-hole"

b) "A partial a-hole"

c) "A moron politician"

d) Multiple-choice option a, but should have been a and c

5. The RFT reported that in the first two months of recreational cannabis sales, the state of Illinois

a) Sold out of nachos

b) Raked in $75 million

c) Baked in $75 million

d) Forgot what it did with the money

6. Former St. Francois County Prosecuting Attorney Jerrod Mahurin defended himself against a sex discrimination suit by saying of his accuser

a) She wore a sweater that "had carrots where her breasts would be"

b) She wore a sweater that "had brussels sprouts where her breasts would be"

c) She wore a sweater that "had my hands where her breasts would be"

d) "She should have just let me take off her sweater. This is St. Francois County"

7. At the outset of the pandemic, St. Louis Circuit Court Presiding Judge Rex Burlison announced a halt to

a) Walk-in weddings

b) Drive-by weddings

c) Walk-out divorces

d) Run-out weddings

8. Which of the following was not an RFT headline in 2020?

a) "Parson Pauses From Swooning Over Trump to Attend Mask-less Party"

b) "Parson Says Masking Is Not Government's Responsibility, Rejects Doctors' Pleas"

c) "Teachers Might Die Because Governor Mike Parson Is a Wimp"

d) "Parson Tells Missouri That Smart COVID Policy Is More Important Than His Election"

9. When Mark McCloskey yelled "get the hell out of my neighborhood!" he was

a) Reading mail addressed to him from his neighbors

b) Channeling thoughts directed to him by most people in St. Louis

c) Noticing that peaceful protesters were Walking While Black near his home

d) All of the above

10. Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt used the full power of his office to humble

a) The People's Republic of China

b) St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner

c) American democracy

d) None of the above, but not for lack of trying

Correct answers: 1d; 2b; 3c; 4d; 5b; 6a; 7a; 8d; 9d; 10d

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