Tea Party Goes Crazier: Burn Russ Carnahan in Effigy, Spit on Mo. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver

Mar 22, 2010 at 8:25 am
click to enlarge St. Louis Tea Party lights it up for Carnahan.
St. Louis Tea Party lights it up for Carnahan.
This weekend's health care vote in the U.S. House brought out the radical, right-wing fringe (again).

At a St. Louis Tea Party rally outside of Russ Carnahan's St. Louis office on Saturday, an angry mob threw shoes at a photo of the congressman before lighting the image on fire.

Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Congressman Emanuel Cleaver (D - Kansas City) was spit on Saturday in Capitol Hill by an angry protester. Cleaver was also one of several African-American congressmen who were subjected to racial epithets from the throngs of thousands protesting the health-care bill.

View video of the Tea Party protest outside Carnahan's office after the jump.