Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz Poses with Shotgun, Blasts Obamacare in St. Louis Coloring Book

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Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz Poses with Shotgun, Blasts Obamacare in St. Louis Coloring Book
Images Courtesy of Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.

It's a very merry Cruz-mas for Really Big Coloring Books, Inc.

The Clayton-based coloring book publisher put out a coloring book based on the life of Texas tea party darling Senator Ted Cruz, and it's flying off the shelves faster than you can say "Obamacare."

The first printing of 10,000 books sold out in less than a day. Same with the second. As of Monday, publishers started the sixth printing of the $4.99 coloring book.

Founder Wayne Bell says the book created nine part-time jobs for his St. Louis publishing house.

"As one reporter told me today, 'Well, the Ted Cruz book seems to be selling a hell of a lot better than Obamacare,'" Bell says.

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The cover of "Cruz to the Future" shows the senator pointing to a growing "tea plant" -- a reference to his Tea Party backing -- growing from grass roots, a nod to his popularity among conservative activists. Stenciled onto the trunk is the U.S. constitution and the ten commandments, all culminating in leaves celebrating freedom, gun rights, free enterprise and, at the top of the tree, the White House.

Publishers in Clayton say they wrote the comic-slash-coloring book based on public information and without input from Cruz or his staff "in order to provide a fair objective review on this positive role model and real life superhero," according to the book.

See the page dedicated to Cruz's 21-hour speech against Obamacare after the jump.

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