Teenagers: They're Just Like Us! (Unemployed, That Is)

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As if it doesn't suck enough that you have to be seventeen for an entire year, employment statistics show that there's even more salt to rub in the wound of adolescence. The Post-Dispatch reports that St. Louis teens are desperately seeking work, to no avail, facing the toughest summer job market in the last 40 years. 

Never mind that it's nearly August, which is nearly September, which is nearly not summer anymore. So you might as well just give up hope now, kids. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics said that in the summer of 2009, 35,000 Missouri teens were jobless, a 23 percent increase from the previous summer's kiddie unemployment numbers. And, given the state of the national economy, things have only gone downhill from the golden summer of a year ago.

As is often the case in teenage problems, the blame is landing squarely on the adults.

"The overall unemployment rate (9.5 percent nationally), also has hurt teens' chances in the summer job market. Jobs that once went to them during this time of year are now being taken by adults, said John Fougere, director of communications for the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

"In general, when unemployment is high, adults take whatever job they can find, which ends up depressing youth employment," he said.

Mom! You're always ruining everything! Why would you take my coveted job as grocery checker? It's not like you have a mortgage and other adult responsibilities that require a steady income, gosh

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