Ten Best Tweets from Fake Dana Loesch

If you haven't heard by now, someone last week created a fake Twitter account for Dana Loesch, St. Louis' most hated and/or adored political pundit depending on your leanings. 

The fake account (@fake_dloesch) closely resembles Loesch's real account (@dloesch), except for the comments -- intentionally more outrageous than the original's.

Here, then, is our list of the ten best tweets thus far...

10. Last night we celebrated Valentines by killing small animals. I crushed some hamsters and Chris choked a chicken. (Feb. 15)

9. Slander, defamation, racism, infringement, selective <- Breitbart gives me a dollar every time I use one of these words and I have a quota. (Feb. 16)

8. When our dear leader invaded Iraq to bring 'democracy' to the middle east we didn't mean for people to get the wrong idea and actually do it.  (Feb. 18)

7. @ stop name calling, someone should sue you for that hair. (Feb. 14)

6. I hate racism (*see disclaimer) *when I pretend it's directed towards black conservatives and I can use it to beat leftists with it. (Feb. 16)

5. @ so? Isn't public school just another form of welfare? They'd be better off working! (Feb. 15)

4. Those protestors in WI need to stand down and let the Government do their job! ... wait ... Did I just say that? (Feb. 20)

3. Glenn Beck used to be on CNN right? So CNN is kinda like the farm team for Fox News. (Feb. 14)

2. Since when do people think they have a right to protest for their rights? They should join the TP and protest against their own interests. (Feb. 21)

1. Happy Valentines day! (unless you are an ugly liberal). (Feb 14)

Note: Hyperlinks in tweets provided by Daily RFT for context.
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