Ten Dumbest Criminals of 2012 in St. Louis

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David Scott, the man who would kill for a bag of Cheetos.
David Scott, the man who would kill for a bag of Cheetos.

6. David Scott. There are some things worth killing for. Love, honor, country, etc. David Scott chose to murder Roger Wilkes (with a stab in the chest) over a bag of Cheetos. What more can we say?

5. Brenda and Charles Albiol. The Albiols checked into a Red Roof Inn near Columbia and promptly converted their room into a meth lab. Police apprehended them, naturally. You really can't trust housekeeping anymore, can you?

4. Anteaus D. Washington. Ever hear the one about how aluminum foil blocks satellite transmissions? We haven't either, but then again, we grew up putting foil over the bunny ears of our TV antennae to improve reception. Anyway, Washington -- apparently a budding scientist -- had the brainwave of covering the satellite on the roof of a Fairview Heights BP with foil in the hopes that the satellite would be unable to transmit credit card information and he could get his gas for free. It's unknown whether this method actually works because witnesses, noticing suspicious activity on the roof of the BP, called the police and Washington was arrested before any signals could get out (or not).

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