That Amazing Mizzou Christmas Lights Show Doesn't Piss Off the Neighbors And Here's Why

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click to enlarge Chad Rizner choreographed 15,000 lights to shine to the Missouri Waltz. - YouTube
Chad Rizner choreographed 15,000 lights to shine to the Missouri Waltz.

Mizzou fans got into the Christmas spirit early when a Jefferson City teacher posted video of his holiday lights display choreographed to the "Missouri Waltz."

Marching Mizzou plays the Missouri state song between the third and fourth quarters of MU football games, and Tigers know when to sway, clap and yell.

Chad Rizner took his school spirit one step further last week, choreographing 15,000 Christmas lights to "perform" to the MU rally song.

"You can tell each [lighting] channel what you want it to do, whether it's on-off, fading up or fading down, twinkling, shimmering," Rizner tells Daily RFT. "There's all different things you can have it do."

The adorable Rizner family - Facebook
The adorable Rizner family

But if you're worried neighbors will rally against the Rizner family for blasting marching music, never fear. The music plays through FM radio on a transmitter, so you can only hear it in your car.

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That said, Rizner knew his unorthodox display would draw traffic through his Jefferson City subdivision, which might annoy his neighbors.

"We bribe them with cookies," Rizner says. "I told them in the summer, 'I hope you like Christmas lights!'"

Families tell Rizner they stop by his house every night to watch his lights.

"Unless you're just a big stick in the mud, it's hard not to look at that and go, that's kind of cool," he says.

If you want to get into the Mizzou holiday spirit, drive to 4058 Newcastle Lane, Jefferson City, (or watch the video on YouTube) and follow these instructions:

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