That Note I Left on Your Car: Another Week of Missed Connections

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Each week, we scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. Here are some that caught our eye recently.

click to enlarge Mystery Love Note!
Mystery Love Note!

Mysterious car note - w4m - 22 - (Kirkwood)

"soooo Thursday morning after I got off work I found a note on my car, typed on a type-writer on memo paper. It had no specifications as to who it was to or from, all very generic. I must admit it was a little creepy but also very sweet, it also could have been a prank. Part of me wants to know who wrote it and part of me doesn't, but I thought I'd throw this out there either way. There are a few cars that park in that garage that look just like mine, so I also wonder if it was meant for so meone else. Anyway, if you know who you are, feel free to spill the beans."

RE: Mysterious car note - m4w - (Kirkwood)

"It was written for you, with the best intentions."

RE: Mysterious car note - (O'Fallon)

"I did the same thing to a woman at work except I left it on her desk. I thought about it for weeks, before, I told her it was me. We didn't know each other and in my case, I thought about how it would make her feel. I assume creeped out. Good luck, but think before you do. In a way I wish I had."

another mysterious car note - m4w - (Kirkwood)

"I left another note on your car so you'd know it was on purpose and for you, with the best intentions. I think you're amazing and more beautiful than I can admit in person. The notes are to be encouraging, not weird, not creepy - things I felt lead to say to you. I'm sorry for being secretive, my timing is chronically off...and this isn't meant to be a game. I'm sorry."

Editor's note: This drama will surely unfold are a few more entires we liked: 

Lost boy in U-City loop
"We met in the loop last fall. You were a young man in need of a good friend and safe place to stay. I, an older man who couldn't offer what you sought. Things have changed - I couldn't open my home then but it's possible now. Leave the drugs and I'll help you start a new life."

No, I don't want you at my birthday. - w4m
If I did, I would have invited you.

420 - 160
Having a bit of trouble finding any. I can pay $100-$120. Need it asap.

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