The 2010 RFT Music Award winners

The 2010 RFT Music Award winners

Voting for this year's music awards was as close as it's ever been. Several categories were decided by very, very few votes, even though thousands were cast. This is as much a testament to the talent of the nominees as it is a demonstration of support for local music.

View a slideshow of the 2010 RFT Music Awards winners.

The 2010 winners represent a diverse cross section of acts. Alvin Jett & the Phat NoiZ Blues Band is fond of entertaining night owls in the blues-club district; DJ Spankalicious holds down for the sweaty masses at newer venue 2720 Cherokee, and uber-mobile Funky Butt Brass Band will perform wherever there's a good time brewing. Psych-pop experts Troubadour Dali, mod-shufflers the Blind Eyes, thrashers Dude Nukem and meticulous indie-rockers Sleepy Kitty have also built loyal local followings by playing live at venues such as Off Broadway, Fubar and the Firebird.

The mischievous Monads, electro-industrial Murder Happens and feisty Trip Daddys create a party wherever they play, while post-punks Glass Teeth and vintage-punks Humanoids aren't afraid to crash the party. Singer-songwriter Cassie Morgan and soulful Renaissance man Lamar Harris, in contrast, prefer subtletly over flash and let their talent speak for itself. Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three also specializes in genteel manners and music, which has led to ever-growing global acclaim.

Groove-heavy Americana siblings Brothers Lazaroff decided to make their home here, while emo-punks Building Rome and prog-lovers LOGOS chose to make big-sounding records right in St. Louis. And long-time favorites — Bob Reuter, Madahoochi, DJ Needles, Midwest Avengers, Murphy Lee and Willie Akins — continue to be recognized as fan favorites.

Congratulations to all winners!— Annie Zaleski

Best Americana/Folk Band (Indie-Leaning)

The Monads

"The quartet dreams of pirates and moonshine and shit-kicking and cornbread and still more moonshine, and it brings those weird dreams to life with a blasting, thrashing, in-your-face bluegrass-punk sound that's as raw as the blisters on their collective fingers." — Roy Kasten

Best Americana/Folk Band (Untraditional)

Brothers Lazaroff

"Backed up by the supremely tight rhythm section of Teddy Brookins and Grover Stewart — and pushed into the funkosphere by jazz and electronic maestro Mo Egeston on keyboards — Brothers Lazaroff can jam your ass and stir your heart." — Roy Kasten

Best Blues Artist/Band

Alvin Jett & the Phat NoiZ Blues Band

"Jett's classic, bending lead lines are backed by the funky, contemporary blues sound of his backing band, the Phat NoiZ." — Shae Moseley

Best DJ


"Spankalicious calls himself 'the glitchy hippie' on his MySpace page, and it's an apt descriptor; but it's not the only way to describe the DJ, who embodies — and cherishes — the genre-splicing and spaced-out electro tendencies of the jamtronica scene." — Annie Zaleski

Best Electronic Artist/Band

Murder Happens

"[Paul Wood] and his bandmates pay tribute to the electronic rock music of the late '80s while proving that the genre still has legs today." — Christian Schaeffer

Best Experimental Artist/Band

Glass Teeth

"Glass Teeth mashes together '80s hardcore with electronic music and displays a variety of influences." — Nick Lucchesi

Best Funk/Soul/R&B (Group)

Funky Butt Brass Band

"Credit goes to the act's three-pronged attack of stellar musicianship; an undeniable, good-time spirit; and a diverse repertoire that incorporates Tower of Power-style experimental funk grooves and adventurous arrangements." — Shae Moseley 

Best Funk/Soul/R&B (Solo Artist)

Lamar Harris

"Originally recognized for his talent as a horn player, Harris has since developed an unconventional fusion of funk, electronica, jazz and soul music that combines live instrumentation with electronic synths and drum samples." — Calvin Cox

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Solo)

Murphy Lee

"With a quick smile and easygoing wit — along with tireless hustle and a Twitter account that can't be beat — Murphy Lee is helping the St. Lunatics get its name back on the national map." — Annie Zaleski 

Best Hip-Hop/Rap Artist (Group or Collective)

Midwest Avengers

"Co-frontmen BC (John Harrington) and So'n'So (James Coleman) can rhyme, rap and sing in the proud tradition of STL emcees, but their bandmates add crucial heft with live bass, guitar and drums." — Christian Schaeffer 

Best Hip-Hop DJ

DJ Needles

"Although Nodzilla (a.k.a. DJ Needles) is one of the most consistent DJs around, he's regarded just as highly for the quality of his music production." — Calvin Cox

Best Indie Band

Troubadour Dali

"Troubadour Dali's long-awaited 2009 album captures the band's dreamy psych-pop live sound to a tee; lysergic guitars stretch out lazily, like a kite wending in the wind or a good morning stretch; stacks of harmonies and hints of distortion further add to the blissed-out psychedelic atmosphere." — Annie Zaleski 

Best Jam Artist/Band


"Madahoochi has stayed vital for so long by constantly tweaking its style of feel-good rock & roll to absorb modern styles, while retaining its classic-rock leanings." — Christian Schaeffer  

Best Jazz Artist

Willie Akins

"He [has]established a sound — ripe, flexible, swinging and soulful — that is his alone and that still sets the standards for any jazz-band leader, in a town with a long history of masters." —Roy Kasten 

Best Live Band

Trip Daddys

"This band is really all about its live show, where Straubinger's reverb-laden assault of classic guitar licks — and natural showman tendencies — takes center stage."—Shae Moseley

Best Metal/Thrash Band

Dude Nukem

"The band favors tightly wound musicianship over apathetic slop, yet its riffs still maintain circle-pit adrenaline, and its blast-beats are downright violent." — Ryan Wasoba 

Best Modern Rock Band

Building Rome

"Building Rome has been a staple of the local emo/pop-punk scene for years; last year's Alkaline Trio-influenced Nightmare, however, clearly shows a band shooting for the next level." — Shae Moseley 

Best New Artist

Sleepy Kitty

"Sleepy Kitty throws itself completely into its projects — whether it's writing and performing gorgeous, experimental pop songs, crafting imaginative, screen-printed show flyers or being the newest and brightest addition to Cherokee Street's thriving arts scene." 

— Chrissy Wilmes 

Best Punk/Hardcore Band

The Humanoids

"The Humanoids' sense of dynamics, willingness to let riffs shine through and happiness in those sweet little 'whoa-oh' choruses make them the punk band to beat." — Roy Kasten

Best Pop Band

The Blind Eyes

"Pop music needn't be modest, but the Blind Eyes manages to be both unassuming and completely irresistible." — Roy Kasten

Best Rock Band


"LOGOS' tunes call to mind prog-rock masters of the past, but retain enough youthful spirit and bombastic production to make them appeal to people outside of the KSHE crowd." — Shae Moseley

Best Vocalist (Female)

Cassie Morgan

"'Ain't I Your Honey?' from this year's Weathered Hands, Weary Eyes, slinks along like a bluesy seduction, but Morgan needs little more than a slide guitar and her sweet (but barbed) voice to make it stick." — Christian Schaeffer

Best Vocalist (Male)

Bob Reuter

"For nearly four decades he's told the stories of people who are as interesting and varied as he is, with a fired-up blues yelp peppering the heart of a folk singer." — Robin Wheeler

Best Local Album

Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three, Riverboat Soul

"As the title of his record suggests, LaFarge's music is an audacious exaltation of bygone eras of blues, bluegrass, rockabilly and rock & roll, replete with kazoo solos, washboard percussion and wicked finger-pickin' guitar licks." — Keegan Hamilton

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