The 2010 RFT News Challenge

The 2010 RFT News Challenge
Dan Zettwoch

The 2010 RFT News Challenge

It was another banner year for St. Louis — a year in which we again realized that we have nothing in common with the rest of the state.

We want to end puppy mills. They don't. We're all for local income taxes. They say it's not up to us. We're blue. They're red. And, oh yeah, we're also "America's Most Dangerous City." Again.

Still, in a couple of ways we're all much safer thanks to a state legislature that stepped up to tackle the big issues. You know — banning fake marijuana and outlawing nudity at strip clubs.

But, hey, enough reminiscing. It's time for you to put on the old thinking cap and see how much local trivia you've retained from the past twelve months.

OFFICIAL RULES: There are no rules. Except one: If you win, you'll have to arrange to come to the RFT office in person to claim your prize. Um, make that two: Only one entry per household. Oh, and you have to supply a real name and phone number where we can reach you in the unlikely event that you win. If there's a tie, we'll come up with something. And, you know, void where prohibited and all that.

So answer the following questions to the best of your ability and, we'll publish the results within the next couple weeks.

Without further ado, let the quiz-taking begin! (Click to go to the online quiz).

If you wish to only read the quiz -- and where is the fun in that!?! -- continue on.

1. St. Louis was named "America's Most Dangerous City" in 2010. When was the last time the city took home this important honor?
A. 2009.
B. 1998.
C. 2004.
D. 2006.

2. The "Mark McGwire Highway" section of I-70 through St. Louis was renamed this year after whom?
A. Jon Hamm.
B. Mark Twain.
C. Barack Obama.
D. Harry Truman.

3. A Rams fan fell from the bleachers at Edwards Jones Dome and was hospitalized following last season's final game. Why did he fall?
A. Suicide was better than watching the '09 Rams.
B. He slipped on a banana peel.
C. Someone has to catch those passes.
D. He was trying to get a shoe thrown by a player.

4. What prompted police in Wellsville to search the car of John Henry, a repeat methamphetamine offender, when they pulled him over last January?
A. He was smoking meth behind the wheel.
B. He'd written a profane message addressed to Sgt. Jason Grellner, one of Missouri's top meth cops, on his camouflage overalls.
C. Failure to yield.
D. He had too many "Pissing Calvin" decals on his rear windshield.

5. What's the name of the new meth manufacturing process that's increasingly being spotted by Missouri law enforcement?
A. Stove Top Stuffing.
B. Hamburger Helper.
C. Shake and Bake.
D. Mac 'n' Cheese.

6. What excuse did Winfield police officer Bud Chrum give his colleagues when they arrested him trying to purchase cocaine?
A. He needed a change from smoking pot.
B. He wanted to know the actual street value of drugs.
C. He was preparing for an undercover assignment.
D. He needed to replace police evidence that he'd ruined with a spilled liquid.

7. In January, three men from southwest Missouri kidnapped a man from New Jersey and drove him all the way back to the Show-Me State — only to discover what?
A. They were supposed to kneecap him, not kidnap him.
B. They'd kidnapped the wrong man.
C. No one was willing to pay his ransom.
D. Missouri has the worst rest stops.

8. John Hill, a salesman for the luxury car dealership St. Louis Motorsports in Chesterfield, was arrested in February. Why?
A. He was caught rolling back odometers.
B. He tried to pass off a $150,000 Bentley as a "clunker" in the government's Cash for Clunkers program.
C. He posted YouTube videos of himself driving the dealership's Lamborghini over 140 mph on Highway 40.
D. Jealous of the dealership vehicles he got to drive, the police set him up.

9. Why was Rex S. Barstow Sr. banished from the Missouri town of Clark?
A. He'd racked up too many speeding tickets.
B. Foot odor.
C. He paid a teenager to knock down a statue of Clark native Omar Bradley.
D. He's more of a Lewis guy.

10. The Blimpie restaurant chain was sued in Madison County, Illinois, this year on allegations that its "Super Stacked" sandwiches did not have what crucial ingredient?
A. Any flavor.
B. Actual meat.
C. Double the amount of meat.
D. Real horseradish sauce.

11. How did St. Louis resident Zynthia Holmes get out of jury duty this year?
A. She told the jury supervisor she'd return with a gun and start shooting if she had to serve another day.
B. She bribed court staffers.
C. She knew the prosecutor.
D. She was actually the defendant in the trial for which she'd been called to serve.

Match each question with the correct numerical answer:
12. Of the 100,000 people estimated to have attended Soulard's Mardi Gras last February 13, how many got DUIs from St. Louis police?
13. A Florissant man caught a world-record catfish in July while fishing the Missouri River near the Columbia Bottoms. How many pounds did the monster weigh?
14. At a St. Charles County Council meeting in July, Councilman Joe Brazil argued that the county needed to ban bicycles on rural highways because fourteen people had died on county roads in the past sixteen months. How many cyclists actually died on county roadways during that time frame?
15. Financier Rex Sinquefield's Proposition A will require St. Louis and Kansas City to hold regular votes on local earning taxes. Rounded to the nearest dollar, how much did Sinquefield spend per vote on Prop A's victory?
A. 5.
B. 9.
C. 130.
D. 0.

16. Why did Governor Jay Nixon cancel a trip to Taiwan in December?
A. He realized he doesn't speak Taiwanese.
B. He was called to a summit in Warsaw, Missouri.
C. He didn't want to offend the Chinese.
D. His passport had expired.

17. Why did the office of Mayor Francis Slay try to run the Trupiano family's Lure Nightclub off Washington Avenue?
A. The mayor's staff was upset that Lure bouncers never ushered them to the front of the line and always made them pay the full cover.
B. St. Louis' Lebanese and Italian crime families never got along.
C. City hall blamed Lure's patrons for violence downtown.
D. Downtown St. Louis has too many successful businesses; some of them must be culled.

18. How did the Trupianos initially respond to the mayor's efforts to shut down Lure?
A. They left an envelope stuffed with cash in Mayor Slay's mailbox.
B. They added a country & Western night to their schedule of hip-hop-themed evenings.
C. They posted a sign in their window reading, "Downtown Doesn't Like Black People."
D. They appealed to the ACLU.

19. The owner of Tony's Restaurant, Vincent Bommarito, resigned from the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners after getting caught taking which unfortunate action?
A. He used his position to change the inspection sticker on his restaurant from a "B" to an "A."
B. He used his position to bail his nephew out after a DUI arrest.
C. Someone named Vince Bommarito was on the police board? What is this, The Sopranos?
D. He dropped donuts from the menu of his restaurant.

20. Who is Glenn Miller, and why was the Springfield, Missouri, man in the news this year?
A. The illegitimate son of band conductor Glenn Miller was cut from America's Got Talent.
B. The former grand wizard of the KKK ran for U.S. Senate and took out radio ads blaming Jews for all the nation's problems.
C. It was a slow news day in Springfield.
D. The television news anchor was caught delivering the 6 p.m. newscast without pants.

21. The Tea Party brought a coffin to a protest held on U.S. Representative Russ Carnahan's front lawn. What reason did the group give?
A. The cemetery was full.
B. They wanted to demonstrate how they planned to "murder him" at the polls.
C. They wanted to represent the millions of babies that will be slaughtered under the Democrats' "pro-abortion" health-care bill.
D. They mistook the Carnahan home for a mortuary.

22. What is inscribed on the license plate of the truck driven by Tea Party backer and Republican congressional candidate Ed Martin?
C. 9-11.

23. Which of the following celebs did not donate to the Humane Society's campaign to stop Missouri puppy mills?
A. '60s pop artist Peter Max.
B. Former ambassador/Republican Senator John Danforth.
C. NYC first daughter Emma Bloomberg.
D. Cesar Millan.

24. Alton, Illinois, firefighter Jeffrey Manns was accused of what in March — the third time he's been accused of such a thing since 2005?
A. Putting out fires.
B. Exposing himself.
C. Arson.
D. Being really, really hot.

25. Which of the following is an official description of nudity appearing in Senate Bill 586, the new state law that prohibits naked dancers and the sale of alcohol at Missouri adult nightclubs?
A. "Male or female genitals, pubic area, vulva, anus, anal cleft or cleavage with less than a fully opaque covering."
B. "Horizontal line across the top of the areola and extending across the width of the breast at such point."
C. "Human male genitals in a discernibly turgid state."
D. All of the above

26. Who determined that St. Louis men have the tenth biggest penises in all America?
A. Online retailer Condomania.
B. The St. Louis Regional Chamber and Growth Association.
C. Washington University's Urology Department.
D. St. Louis men.

27. What vehicle triggered public outrage when it appeared on the streets of St. Louis following a Cardinals game last summer?
A. The Chicago Cubs' motor coach.
B. Fredbird's golf cart.
C. Don Denkinger's 1985 Plymouth Reliant.
D. The Larry Flynt "Stripper Mobile."

28. Mike Danton, the St. Louis Blues player convicted of a murder-for-hire plot in 2004, returned to hockey this past January. What team does he play for now?
A. New Jersey Devils.
B. Saint Mary's University in Nova Scotia.
C. Missouri Correctional Canucks.
D. Charlestown Chiefs.

29. A Chicago restaurateur has begun serving those pesky Asian carp that are clogging the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. What does he call the fish on the menu?
A. Filet o' fish.
B. Carp du jour.
C. Shanghai bass.
D. Frutti di fiume.

30. Why did the Missouri Department of Natural Resources briefly close the caves in its state parks this year?
A. To stop the spread of white-nose syndrome, a fungus that kills bats.
B. Budget cuts.
C. To harvest hallucinogenic mushrooms.
D. Cave tourism is just not as popular as it used to be.

31. What turned up in southwest Missouri's Flat Creek this June?
A. A freshwater porpoise.
B. Two dozen Jello shots.
C. 600 dead chickens.
D. Oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill.

32. The Missouri Department of Transportation uses juice from what vegetable to de-ice roads in the winter?
A. Sugar beets.
B. Turnips.
C. Celery.
D. Brussels sprouts.

33. The "BigBalls" kickball league was kicked out of Tower Grove Park this spring following complaints of abusive language, public urination and nudity. Which of the following is the name of a team in that league?
A. Taint Misbehavin'.
B. It's All Pink in the Middle.
C. Prom Night Dumpster Babies.
D. All the above.

34. What caused a man on a Southwest Airlines flight from Seattle to St. Louis to freak out, forcing the plane to land in Omaha?
A. He really, really needed a cigarette.
B. He'd always wanted to visit Omaha.
C. The pilot refused to let him drive.
D. The flight attendant wouldn't accept cash payment for an alcoholic drink.

35. Two Mizzou students were charged with a hate crime this spring that was later reduced to a littering charge. What did they do?
A. Passed out racist pamphlets during homecoming.
B. Left their KKK hoods on a park bench.
C. Hanged the KU Jayhawk on the quad.
D. Dropped cotton balls on the lawn of the university's black culture center.

36. Why was Washington University physics professor Jonathan Katz officially uninvited from a federal committee convened to stop the BP oil spill this past spring?
A. He owned stock in BP.
B. In personal writings on his Wash. U. Web page, Katz blamed AIDS deaths on homosexuality, described himself as a "proud homophobe" and said that "global warming is probably good for humanity."
C. Said he'd only participate if he could drive his eight-mpg Hummer to the meetings in Washington, D.C.
D. He's actually a physician, not a physicist.

37. Washington University's graduating seniors set a Guinness World Record in May for accomplishing what feat?
A. The most BMWs ever to depart a city within a 48-hour time frame.
B. Paying the highest rate in the nation for a four-year degree, relative to the value of the diploma.
C. Forming the world's longest human massage chain.
D. Going the most consecutive days without showering.

38. St. Louis' only classical music station was sold this year. KFUO (99.1 FM) now plays what kind of music?
A. Classic rock.
B. Contemporary Christian.
C. Polka.
D. Trance.

39. How did Lincoln County fire marshal Barry Nuss describe a Troy firework stand that blew up this past June?
A. "It looked like the Fourth of July."
B. "Ka-boom!"
C. "It's getting hot in here!"
D. "Now that's what I'm talking about!"

40. During his corruption trial this year, it was revealed that former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich wanted to replace Barack Obama in the U.S. Senate with whom?
A. Bernie Madoff.
B. His hairstylist.
C. Lisa Marie Presley.
D. Oprah Winfrey.

41. Sylvester Childress, known to children in his Metro East neighborhood as the "Candyman," was arrested for selling what out of his Caseyville home?
A. Marijuana and cocaine.
B. Pop Rocks.
C. Beef jerky.
D. Stolen goods.

42. Three bail bondsmen were charged with a felony for doing what to a probation violator they apprehended in Jefferson County?
A. Failing to read him his rights.
B. Tarring and feathering him.
C. Not buckling him up during the ride to jail.
D. Wiping his genitals with pepper spray and demanding oral sex.

43. Why did Belleville, Illinois, pooper-scooper Steve Wilson make international news last summer?
A. He left his own "calling card" in a client's back yard.
B. He found $58 embedded in dog poop, washed it and returned the money to the client.
C. He confronted the host of Dirty Jobs, forcing him to concede Wilson's victory and cancel his show.
D. He discovered a secondary market for dog crap as fuel.

44. What prompted U.S. Representative Todd Akin (R-Town & Country) to try to get the Saint Louis Galleria to cancel an exhibit of plasticized human cadavers?
A. Akin believed Plaza Frontenac was better suited for the show.
B. He didn't want the exhibit to detract from the mall's potential sales tax earnings.
C. He was concerned that the bodies could have been executed political and religious prisoners.
D. "The Abercrombie & Fitch displays are bad enough, now we're going to have naked, dead bodies?!"

45. How did teenager Jake West break up a party in Fenton this summer?
A. Shot a teenage guest in the knee with a shotgun.
B. Cut the power lines providing electricity to the home.
C. Called the cops.
D. Busted out his mother's collection of Barry Manilow.

46. This year, South Carolina raised its cigarette tax, making Missouri's seventeen-cents-per-pack tax rate the lowest in the land. What is the national average for cigarette taxes per pack?
A. 53 cents.
B. $1.08.
C. 75 cents.
D. $1.45.

47. State Representative Cynthia Davis (R-O'Fallon) sponsored an abortion bill this year that would have required all but which of the following measures?
A. Women would be informed of the pain that the fetus would experience during the abortion.
B. Samples of aborted fetus would be kept for DNA identification.
C. Prosecutors would be alerted whenever a woman under eighteen sought an abortion.
D. Women who had abortions would be required to wear a letter "A" on their clothing.

48. What reason did Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton (D-Lexington) give for opposing the repeal of the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban on homosexuals in the military?
A. "What do mommies and daddies say to their seven-year-old child? My biggest concerns are the family."
B. "Don't we want to win these wars?"
C. "You honestly think gays are willing to wear camouflage?"
D. "We want to defeat our enemies, not humiliate them."

49. Why did the Reverend Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church call off a protest planned for Lady Gaga's concert at Scottrade Center on January 7?
A. Snow.
B. He realized that the entertainer with a "whore's forehead" isn't so bad after all.
C. A pact with Satan prevented Phelps from protesting his fellow Axis member.
D. He decided to protest Justin Bieber instead.

50. Donna Myers, former supervisor for the St. Louis County Medical Examiner, lost her job after being accused of what unprofessional act?
A. Stealing body bags and reselling them to funeral homes.
B. One word: necrophilia.
C. Using too many emoticons in e-mails to colleagues.
D. Switching toe tags for fun.

51. Which of the following vehicles, seized during a drug arrest, joined the Columbia, Illinois, police force?
A. Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine.
B. 2008 BMW M3.
C. 1978 soft-top Cadillac Eldorado with curb-feelers.
D. 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix.

52. Beatle Bob hit a milestone this summer. What was it?
A. His 5,000th consecutive day of seeing live music.
B. His eighteenth inadvertent K.O. on the dance floor.
C. Ten years of sporting the same ridiculous look.
D. He correctly mouthed the lyrics to an entire song.

53. Which of the following did not happen to the Uplands Park police department in the past thirteen months?
A. One of its officers pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting prostitutes and stealing their money while on duty.
B. Its force recklessly pursued a suspect into St. Louis City, where the high-speed car chase resulted in a crash that killed an innocent party.
C. It was found to employ unlicensed officers with criminal records.
D. It won a gold star for its quality police service.

54. In July, a St. Louis mother lost a lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild, over a video in which she appeared dancing at a local nightclub while someone pulled down her shirt, revealing her breasts. How did the woman find out she was on the video?
A. She started receiving royalty checks.
B. A friend of her husband's called to say that he'd just witnessed the damnedest thing while watching a new porno.
C. Strangers kept coming up and asking her if she was going to get her "porn star on."
D. The St. Louis-based ornamental bra-strap company, Exposed Envy, asked for her endorsement.

55. An appeals court ruled against Darwin Holly of southern Missouri, after he claimed he was wrongly fired for a statement made at a company picnic. What did Holly say?
A. The "N" word.
B. He complained that the food "tasted like shit."
C. He grabbed some watermelon and told coworkers: "I'm going to sit down and eat my Obama fruit."
D. "Thanks, asshole" — after his boss passed him some potato salad.

56. Ninety-one-year-old John Rohrer was run over and killed while stepping out of a restaurant in Arthur, Illinois, last July. What type of vehicle killed him?
A. Fire engine.
B. Freight train.
C. Horse and buggy.
D. Police car.

57. St. Louis cancer survivor Rachel Lozano made headlines this year. What does Lozano believe cured her from the disease?
A. Chemotherapy.
B. A raw-food diet.
C. Praying to the spirit of Fr. William Chaminade.
D. Budweiser.

58. Joel Snider of St. Louis was accused of plotting and carrying out the murder of a man in Pennsylvania this summer. What was Snider's occupation?
A. Longshoreman.
B. Gangster.
C. Bounty hunter.
D. Yoga instructor.

59. What did Cardinals manager Tony La Russa do to outrage immigration-rights supporters this summer?
A. Asked for all the team's Hispanic players to be traded.
B. Expressed his support of Arizona's immigration law during Tea Party Night at Busch Stadium.
C. Bought a lawnmower and began cutting his own lawn.
D. Referred to the Diamondbacks as the "Wetbacks."

60. La Russa further enraged liberals in August by doing what?
A. Pissed away the Central Division after sweeping the Reds in Cincinnati.
B. Attended Glenn Beck's "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, D.C.
C. Openly considered moving his permanent address from California to Texas.
D. Admitted that not only does he like Ted Nugent's music, he also appreciates his politics.

Match the politician to the public disgrace they suffered this year:
61. Former state senator Jeff Smith
62. Former state representative T.D. El-Amin
63. Former state representative Rodney Hubbard

64. Cahokia trustees Kyle Johnson, Kevin Wiggins and William Brown
A. Served a prison sentence for lying to federal investigators.
B. Sentenced to eighteen months for taking a bribe.
C. Fined $322,000 by the Missouri Ethics Commission for campaign finance violations.
D. Pleaded guilty to voter fraud.

65. Ernie Hays retired in October after 40 years as the Busch Stadium organist. What song did he famously add to the repertoire of Cardinals' melodies?
A. "Take Me Out to the Ballpark."
B. "Here Comes the King" (a.k.a. "The Budweiser Song").
C. "Tiny Dancer."
D. Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

66. Describing the Cardinals' on-field play this season, broadcaster Jack Clark said the Redbirds had what in their pants?
A. "Ants."
B. "Skoal."
C. "Woodies."
D. "Poopy."

67. Homosexual Cardinals fans hoped that they'd be honored with what at Busch Stadium this year?
A. Scented candles in the restroom.
B. An appearance on the "Kiss Cam."
C. Cardinals players performing the gay baseball play, "Take Me Out."
D. A homophobe-free section similar to the one the team provides for fans with peanut allergies.

68. Clayton extended its smoking ban this summer to include what?
A. Private residences.
B. Automobiles.
C. City parks.
D. Man caves.

69. An officer of the Local 53 chapter of the Laborers International Union of North America was booted from the organization this summer when he was caught doing what on job sites?
A. Working overtime without pay.
B. Distributing KKK propaganda.
C. Socializing with members of rival union, Local 27 Ditchdiggers of America.
D. Whittling sexually explicit figurines.

70. Two St. Louis sheriff deputies won an $850,000 judgment (later reduced by a judge to $300,000) against the city sheriff's department on allegations that:
A. Prisoners were treated unjustly.
B. Sheriff James Murphy fostered a racially hostile work environment by not disciplining employees who hung a noose in the courthouse.
C. Employees were not given enough time off for lunch.
D. The cap guns issued to sheriff deputies have failed to increase courtroom security.

71. Which of the following can be good for men's health, according to a study commissioned by a chain of Metro East businesses?
A. Exercise.
B. Vitamin B6.
C. Frequenting strip clubs.
D. Meditating atop the Cahokia Mounds.

72. Why did Metro turn down advertisements from Soulard's Oktoberfest?
A. The transit agency didn't want its buses looking like NASCAR vehicles.
B. The agency had a prior no-compete clause with Soulard's Mardi Gras.
C. Metro has all the money it needs, thank you very much.
D. The female models in the advertisements revealed too much cleavage.

73. Who are The Other Guys who premiered their major-motion picture in St. Louis in August?
A. Bert and Ernie.
B. Mike Myers and Dana Carvey.
C. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.
D. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

74. U.S. Senator John McCain railed against a congressional earmark for the University of Missouri this summer. The earmark paid for what?
A. The freezing and thawing of rat sperm.
B. Bail money for the school's football and basketball players.
C. A live tiger mascot.
D. Spring break "fact-finding" trips to Padre Island.

75. What excuse did Brian Duff give to authorities when they arrested him for robbing banks in southwestern Illinois?
A. He needed the money to pay off his drug dealers.
B. "That's where the money is."
C. He didn't have change for the meter.
D. He was "only joshing."

76. Which of the following things did not happen to ATM Solutions robbery suspect John Wesley Jones this year?
A. He was arrested with hundreds of thousands of dollars in the trunk of his car.
B. He escaped from jail.
C. He fell through the attic of his on-the-lam hideout and was re-arrested.
D. He posted bail.

77. What did a 67-year-old man use to fend off three armed robbers in north St. Louis' O'Fallon Park this past September?
A. A fishing pole.
B. Karate kicks.
C. A can of "whoop ass."
D. A machete.

78. What was St. Louis County councilman Steve Stenger referring to when he said he wouldn't have "teen orgy environments" operating in his district?
A. Sex slavery.
B. An under-eighteen nightclub.
C. A Victoria's Secret planned for South County Center.
D. Coed high schools.

79. A police complaint filed in August alleged that state Representative Brian Nieves did which of the following to the campaign worker of a political rival?
A. Pulled a gun on him.
B. Had him remove his shirt.
C. Forced him to apologize to Nieves' wife.
D. All of the above.

80. Roy Blunt rented what type of vehicle to use during campaign swings through rural Missouri this summer?
B. Limousine.
C. Pickup truck.
D. John Deere combine.

81. FOX News sued Robin Carnahan's campaignin September, claiming that her ad showing her opponent, Roy Blunt, answering questions from a FOX News reporter could cause viewers to:
A. Question the network's "apparent objectivity."
B. Change the channel.
C. Vomit.
D. Come to their senses.

82. In September, it was revealed that the Reverend Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who wanted to burn the Quran, was a high school classmate of what other famous Cape Girardeau native?
A. Rush Limbaugh.
B. Sheryl Crow.
C. Actor Dale Dye.
D. Foghorn Leghorn.

83. The City Museum this year became the home of the world's largest what?
A. Dust bunny.
B. Lawsuit.
C. Whale penis.
D. Seesaw.

84. What happened to the 36 of the Native American artifacts Kevin Airis' family donated to the Saint Louis Science Center?
A. Used as props on F-Troop.
B. Packaged with rubber tomahawks and sold at museum gift shop.
C. Mysteriously disappeared.
D. Sold on the black market.

85. What were two Centreville men in their 50s arguing about in September that led one to shoot the other?
A. Their shared property line.
B. Whose wife was hotter.
C. Which branch of the military is better.
D. Spelling: Centreville vs. Centerville.

86. What does Belleville, Illinois, require of its Halloween trick-or-treaters?
A. Good jokes. None of that "What's a vampire's favorite drink? Blood Light!" drivel.
B. They must be under thirteen and done by 8:30 p.m.
C. Sexier costumes.
D. Flashlights.

87. After RFT's feature story about men and abortion, what accusations did NARAL director Pamela Sumners make about this newspaper in a letter to the editor?
A. It's the FOX News of St. Louis.
B. It's unwittingly become a publicist for a "far-right shibboleth."
C. It published a "completely loaded propaganda extravaganza of the Far Right."
D. All of the above.

88. Former St. Louis archbishop Raymond Burke became what this year?
A. Muslim.
B. The "One Millionth Shopper" at Catholic Supply.
C. A father — his secret mistress had twins.
D. A cardinal.

89. Two sanitation workers in Columbia, Missouri, were reprimanded this year when they were caught taking what out of the city dump?
A. 50 cases of beer thrown out by the local Anheuser-Busch distributor.
B. Rats.
C. Carburetors.
D. Leftover Taco Bell.

90. How did Rich Stephens, a former offensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders, respond to being arrested in Byrnes Mill, Missouri?
A. Opened fire.
B. Ran for sheriff.
C. Painted a sign on his truck referring to the local police as "fat and round" — and challenging the officer who arrested him to a mixed martial arts fight.
D. Sacked (as in tackled) the officer.

91. How did Donald Zakrzewski die after allegedly robbing a house in Ladue?
A. Tasered by police.
B. Shot by homeowner.
C. Stabbed in jail.
D. Fell off a cliff and into a landfill when fleeing the scene.

92. The office of St. Clair County Sheriff Mearl Justus unveiled a new crime-fighting vehicle this year: an armored truck with cameras that the cops park outside problem properties. What does the sheriff's department call the truck?
A. Peeping Tom.
B. The Exterminator.
C. Jail Bait.
D. Street Justus.

93. Who is Rich Whitey, and how did he make news this year?
A. The St. Louis banker invented "robo-signing" for home mortgages.
B. Illinois Green Party candidate Rich Whitney, whose name was misspelled on ballots for the November 2 election.
C. Whitey Herzog's brother, a.k.a. Dick Herzog.
D. The hip-hop alias for Weird Al Yankovic.

94. Which of the following statements about RFT cover subject/mother of former Rams owner Georgia Frontiere, Lucia Pamela, is not true?
A. She recorded a song about landing on the moon.
B. She created a coloring book and started an all-ages coloring contest, saying that "children aren't the only people who like to color in books."
C. She played semi-professional football.
D. She was Miss St. Louis.

95. Where did former Saint Louis University point guard Kwamain Mitchell tell St. Louis police he put a used condom after a late-night sexual encounter with a female student?
A. In his pocket.
B. Down the toilet.
C. In a recycling bin.
D. In his gym bag.

96. Why did WWE wrestler the Undertaker make news in a February match in St. Louis?
A. He caught fire, thanks to a problem with arena pyrotechnics.
B. He reconciled with his former manager, Paul Bearer.
C. He admitted to shooting 20 cc of steroids after each meal.
D. He lost a heartbreaker to Chris Jericho.

97. What radioactive element do residents of Venice, Illinois, believe is causing cancer and lung problems in their town?
A. Stripper perfume wafting over from nearby Brooklyn, Illinois.
B. Thorium.
C. Plutonium.
D. Delirium.

98. Hunters in Missouri harvested more than 97,865 deer in the opening weekend of rifle season in November. In terms of human population, that would be the same as eliminating all the residents of which Missouri town?
A. Cape Girardeau.
B. Hannibal.
C. Springfield.
D. Columbia.

99. Missouri legislators banned the sale of the fake marijuana K2 this year, only for other faux drugs to pop up, including Ivory Wave — a substance marketed as "bath salts" that's said to have similar effects as cocaine when snorted. What common baking ingredient also made the news this year because it supposedly gets people stoned out of their minds?
A. Cream of tartar.
B. Allspice.
C. Nutmeg.
D. Vanilla.

100. Kings of Leon canceled its July show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater after the band's bassist was allegedly pooped on by what?
A. RFT music critic Christian Schaeffer.
B. A pigeon roosting in the rafters.
C. A barn owl.
D. A front-row fan who, against his better judgment, consumed a corn dog from a theater vendor. n

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