The 5 Greatest Coach Meltdowns Ever Filmed

After seeing Jim Calhoun, men's basketball coach at the University of Connecticut, lay into a reporter who asked him about giving back a portion of his salary to help and offset the state's budget shortfall (Calhoun is, in fact, the highest paid state employee in Connecticut), I found myself thinking.

No, not about the political or social ramifications of state-funded universities with huge coaching salaries on the books when disability benefits are being curtailed or things like that. 

No, I found myself thinking about something else entirely: coaching meltdowns. We've all seen them; those times when, after a tough loss, usually, a coach or manager happens to hear just the wrong question from a reporter and flat out loses it.

And then I found myself thinking, "Man, I wish somebody would put together like, a whole bunch of those great meltdowns in one place. Maybe like some guy who writes a sports column or something. You know, a guy like me." And then I thought, "A guy like me? I'm a guy like me!" 

So, I put on Tom Landry's hat, and sat down to figure out my favorite coaching meltdowns ever. This is the fruit of my labor. Five of the best ever, all presented to you in brilliant, YouTube-quality video.

5. Dennis Green is who we thought he was.

During the Bears' 2006 season, in which they very nearly went undefeated, there was one game, relatively early on, that almost undid them. The Arizona Cardinals came oh so close to beating the bears in October of that year, but came up just a bit short. Dennis Green was the coach of the Cardinals at the time, and he was, to put it lightly, a little less than blown away by his opponent. 

4. No, Avery Johnson wants to know what you think.
Avery Johnson, coach of the Dallas Mavericks, is a fiery little guy. He's also usually pretty even-keeled, keeping that competitive spirit reigned in to help his team. But when asked about a Dwayne Wade drive to the basket during the '06 NBA finals against the Heat, Johnson couldn't quite keep himself under control. What's really great about this one is just how long it goes on; it combines a typical coaching rant with Office-style squirming in your seat brilliance.

3. John Chaney is going to kick your ass.
You may not know John Chaney, but you should. He coached the Temple University men's basketball team from 1982-2006, winning a national championship in 1988, and is one of the most successful collegiate coaches ever. Even better, he's given us a couple of truly great moments in the annals of insane coach behavior, such as the time in 2005 when he sent in some of his lesser players to intentionally foul players from St. Joseph's, fracturing one player's arm in the process. After learning of the injury, Chaney suspended himself the rest of the season, but his press conference after that game, when he told everyone he was "sending in the goons to send a message," is an absolute classic. 

His best moment, though, came in 1994, when he threatened to kill John Calipari, then-coach of the University of Massachusetts, at a press conference. You have to see it to believe it.

2. You should ask Hal McRae better questions.
Hal McRae is currently the hitting coach for our very own St. Louis Cardinals. Seems like a pretty nice guy. Players like him, he seems to have a pretty good idea as far as an approach at the plate, all pretty good stuff. But once upon a time, Hal McRae was the manager of the Kansas City Royals (which in itself is enough to drive a man to the brink), and he wasn't quite so mellow. Particularly not when it came to the same dumb-ass questions every night.

1. The Greatest
Joe Mikulik was the manager of the Asheville Tourists, a minor league baseball team, in 2006. On the night of June 29th that year, Joe Mikulik made history. There was a disputed call at second base, and apparently Joe felt he wasn't getting through to the umpire properly his side of the story. What followed will live on in baseball lore for all eternity.
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