The Blues' Finest Hour

Mar 13, 2009 at 2:10 pm
I'll be the first to admit it: I didn't give the Blues any chance of winning against the Sharks Thursday night. San Jose is probably the best team in hockey, in my ever so humble opinion, and I just didn't think that our boys in blue had any real shot. 

Well, turns out I was wrong.

The Blues were absolutely masterful last night, and if the league wasn't paying attention before, they certainly should be now.

We Win -
We Win

The Blues have now won three out of their last four games, and Thursday night's victory could very well serve as one of those signature sort of wins that really catapults a team on to bigger and better things. When Andy McDonald found Brad Boyes in the high slot, the Blues became giant slayers. Now the question is whether or not they can keep it going and show the rest of the league that maybe they're really giants, too. 

Okay, so maybe they did catch San Jose at just the right time, in the midst of a rough patch that you can largely pin on the Sharks' top goalie, Evgeni Nabokov, being out with some sort of lower half injury. Regardless, this is still a San Jose team that has terrorized the Western Conference all season long, and the Blues took them down. 

Of course, as a reward for taking down the old king, the Blues get to play the new king on Saturday night.

The Red Wings are back in town, and they've just recently taken over the top spot in the Western Conference from the Sharks. I'm sure we all remember what happened the last time that we saw Detroit; it certainly wasn't the sort of game that's easily forgotten. (No matter how much you might want to.) 

The Blues are now just two points out of a playoff spot, with fifteen games to go.