The Daily Show Is Making Fun of Us

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This week's decision by Missouri lawmakers to override Governor Jay Nixon's veto of Senate Bill 656 has attracted the attention of Daily Show host Trevor Noah, who is now making fun of us. 

The bill does away with all the pesky permits and safety training standing between you and a pocketful of pistols while simultaneously expanding the state's "Stand Your Ground" laws. The NRA is super stoked about it.

Noah, meanwhile, seems to think we have lost our minds.

"Missouri wants to let people carry guns with no training — none. You realize even when you play Pokemon they start you off with training," he said during the first segment of Wednesday night's show. "Even Pokemon, the app, is like, 'You can't just be running around the street with Pokeballs — Squirtles could get hurt.' Even Pokemon is like, 'You need some training.' And Missouri is like 'Nah — have a gun.'"

Noah points out that even the cops are against the bill — St. Louis Metropolitan Police Chief Sam Dotson has been an outspoken critic, saying the bill should "remain in the graveyard of bad ideas." Noah agrees.

"Loosening all of these laws makes the policeman's job so much harder than it already is. Because if shit goes down and suddenly everyone pulls out a gun, how do cops know who to shoot?" he questioned. "I mean obviously the black guy first, but after that, who do they shoot?"

Noah goes on to wonder if we in the state of Missouri just get a rush from living dangerously, and suggests that we should perhaps stop inspecting all of our meat as well.

Watch the five-minute clip below:

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