The Dangers of the "So-called '420' Holiday"

click to enlarge The Dangers of the "So-called '420' Holiday"
If you've been wondering why your coworker is giggling uncontrollably and/or staring at his/her computer screen with bloodshot eyes, you might want to consider the date: April 20th.

Yes, it is 4.20, the "high holiday" of stoner culture. (Also known as Hitler's birthday, the tenth anniversary of Columbine, and the date that Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin died -- let the good times roll!)

Of course, these days knowledge of the once-coded holiday/term (click here for a good explanation) has spread far beyond the folks who cite Up In Smoke, Dazed and Confused and Fast Times at Ridgemont High as their favorite films. 

It appears that the fuzz has gotten wind of the festivities and they plan on making your otherwise carefree joint-puffing day a drag.

From the Kansas City Star and their stuffily headlined story, "Police plan special DUI enforcement for so-called '420' holiday":

Area police will be out in force today looking for those driving under the influence on what has become a holiday for drug users.

Kansas City police are coordinating with other police departments to saturate the streets looking for those who might be driving under the influence of marijuana. Officers will pay special attention to areas near schools.

"People need to recognize that a DUI is not just from alcohol," Sgt. Daniel Graves with Kansas City Police Department's Traffic Investigation Unit said in a release. The day of April 20, known as "420", has become a day of widespread marijuana use, Graves said.

And will St. Louis police be on the lookout for drivers riding high? 

Not according to St. Louis Metropolitan Police spokeswoman Michelle Robertson.

"We are not doing any increase in car stops," Robertson said earlier this morning. "We're focusing more on street level buys. No added emphasis on that type of DUI, at least not as of yet."

So, in case you're suffering from decreased attention span or short term memory loss, here's two tips for a happy, jail-free 420:
  1. Don't buy weed from a cop on the street.
  2. Don't drive high.
Be safe kids.
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