The Devil's Bonbons

Week of July 17, 2002

Jul 17, 2002 at 4:00 am
The Devil's Bonbons
Hell is like a box of chocolates: Eddie Silva wrote "Bloodwork," so I was surprised to see someone other than him replying to Eric Stanze's letter. Sure, Stanze might have gotten Jim Nesbitt angry ["Stanze's Two-Step," July 10]. Obviously he did, because he's now expressing his desire to "slap him upside his shiny, shaved noggin." Wow. Perhaps there is too much violence in the RFT. Because of the "pornography" and violence inside the RFT, even its very writers have become rabid, Geraldo Rivera-like soldiers for Satan. Ahhh, do I smell another possible Sub Rosa Extreme movie title? OK, maybe it "shocked" you that Stanze would want to submit a counterpoint to your rather negative-looking article on him, but do you have to waste two full pages to bitch and moan? Why not save those pages for the "hard" articles that you boast so highly about and save your arguments with Stanze for the letters section or, perhaps, Stanze's personal e-mail -- or, at least the schoolyard. I love the RFT's "pornography." I love Stanze's work. Can't we find a Reese's chocolate-and-peanut-butter happy medium in this somewhere?
Adam Hackbarth
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Eric, quit whining: OK, I'm about ready to explode after I read what Stanze said. That is absolutely insane! How in the fuck does someone explain movies that show explicit butt-raping with broomsticks and totally bizarre scenes of killing women and make it look like a piece of art? I mean, c'mon. I picked that issue up just by looking at the cover, and I read that thing and was totally blown away that there was someone in St. Louis actually doing something interesting. I must have told 30 people about that article. I totally picked up that Stanze wasn't a weirdo. Rather, I could see he was a man trying to portray what actually does happen in the darkest corners of our planet. No one made him out to be a bad guy, and the only shit he got from people is that they see what is in his movies. Can he possibly deny the graphic content within his pictures? No. So why are his panties in a bunch? Why does he even care, anyway? He can still make his films in privacy. People who were offended aren't going to buy them anyway, and people who were intrigued might even give him a shot. But now I don't give a fuck about that guy. He can take his artsy-fartsy gore and shove it up his soppy ass.
Greg Stinson
St. Peters

Yellow-free zone: Regarding your article about Mr. Stanze's response, which I believe was printed in the RFT last week: Was it meant to be editorial commentary or reporting? I am unclear as to your intent. Additionally, the intent of most RFT writers has been blurred to the point that your publication resembles a vicious, person-biting dog which should be destroyed. If you and your fellow RFT writers want to strive for a hardboiled, "fuck"-infested style of writing, so be it. If you do, however, let us in on the joke and please stop calling yourself journalists. Pushing the envelope in a relatively conservative, Catholic-based community definitely has its merits. However, you should realize that the bile printed in the RFT for the past months has alienated you and your fellow writers from the relatively liberal rest of us. Try printing something that isn't yellow. I am confident the entire community would appreciate it. Heck, someone might actually learn something other than rage, anger or hurt. It's your choice. I urge you to choose wisely.
Paul Lampe
Washington, Missouri

True grit? May I just say, it is quite refreshing to see someone with a little backbone and integrity in this world of backbiters and swashbucklers. It is very easy to take the truth -- or, for that matter, direct comments made to you -- and defensively retaliate, as if your pride is worth more than a solid-gold house. It really takes guts to take criticism and comments for what they are worth and choose to accept them for what they are, opinions. Your unique ability to see people for what they are never surprises me, and this guy is a real card. I really appreciate your stories and look forward to the next one. Keep up the good work, man!
Darren Ison
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Short, sweet: I enjoyed your article "Stanze's Two-Step." You were right on target and made me laugh.
Kurt Mueller
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No Phone
Consider dialing them up: Put the fucking times that people are playing in your listing of who's playing when and where around town. I was searching to find what time Dave Black was playing at Brandt's Sunday night, July 7, and of course, nowhere on the Web site was the all-important time the guy was playing listed. Thanks a lot, you stupid assholes.
Vicki Boeckelmann
St. Louis

Long-Distance Squeal
From afar: I dunno why I'm reading this local-interest story [Bruce Rushton, "Squeal Like a Pig," June 12], but you spun three pages of crap into gold. A great read. Thanks.
Rob Bird
Long Beach, California