The Ed's Big Facelift

Feb 11, 2009 at 10:11 am
It looks like the Rams are finally going to do something about the Edward Jones Dome. And it's well past time. 

As part of the attempt to turn around the fortunes of a fading franchise, Chip Rosenbloom and the rest of the Rams' ownership group announced they are beginning a $30 million renovation project of the Ed.

Of course, whether or not this will be enough to get the dome up to even passable standards is tough to say, given the current awfulness of the atmosphere down at Convention Plaza. 

Some of the improvements planned: 
  • New, state-of-the-art scoreboards
  • New video boards in both endzones
  • Four suites will be combined, forming a "super-suite" area
  • Lighter blue paint
  • Some natural daylight
Light blue paint? Really? The plan to get the dome back into the top 25% of stadiums in the NFL is
click to enlarge The Ed's Big Facelift
In all honesty, it is good to see some improvements being made, though I certainly don't think these are going to be anywhere near enough to get the Ed to where it needs to be.

The "super-suite" concept, in which four of the current suites will be combined to form an area in which seats can be individually purchased, sounds intriguing; it seems to be similar to the all-inclusive areas at the new Busch Stadium. The scoreboards and video boards certainly need to be updated.

Unfortunately, when it comes right down to it, this isn't going to be anywhere close to enough. It may make the Edward Jones Dome a more pleasant hole in which to watch football, but a hole nonetheless. It's still going to be sterile and unpleasant, it's still going to be a dome, and there are still going to be crappy crowds, full of douche bags telling you to sit down, because your touchdown celebration is blocking their view. Oh well. At least this gives us something to talk about during the Rams' off-season. Usually we're limited to their latest draft fiasco and maybe bowling

In the end, there are really only a couple of things that are going to fix the atmosphere that the Rams play in. The first is a better team; winning football would cure a lot of ills. The second, well, honestly, is probably a bulldozer.