The Great Gatorade Commercial Caper

Jan 20, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Have you seen the new Gatorade commercials? Sure you have. Those kind of annoying new ones with a bunch of athletes in a row, all in black and white, while Lil' Wayne talks about the letter G? Yup, those are the ones. 

Well, beyond the fact that the thing already reads like a "Letter People Land" script, I also couldn't shake the feeling that I had seen that exact advertisement before the first time one of the new "G" ones came on.

And so I had. Remember those commercials for Calvin Klein's CK One from the mid-90s? 

You know what's funny about this to me? Someone in the advertising world just replaced models with athletes, heroin with steroids, added a crappy voice-over and some faux dramatic music, and voila! Charged Gatorade for a whole new advertisement. Oh, wait, they did change the background from white to black. Well, there's your creativity right there. 

Kind of sad, really. I mean, if there's no honesty left in the world of advertising, just what kind of a world are we living in?

For shame, Madison Avenue. For shame.