The Missouri People of Walmart (PHOTOS)

Feb 27, 2013 at 7:00 am

The wonderful People of Walmart website collects photos of the wackiest customers across the country -- and Missouri appears to be a goldmine.

In honor of Michelle Obama's visit to Springfield's Walmart tomorrow, we thought we'd collect the best and worst from the People of Walmart -- a sneak peek of some of the characters the First Lady could perhaps encounter on her Missouri trip.

For your viewing pleasure/horror -- the top sixteen standout Missourians of Walmart below.

16. Baby Bumps

Gives new meaning to the Show-Me State.

15. A Different Kind of Baby Display

Forget the baby bump, just bring an actual baby! Or if you don't have that, a baby doll will do just fine.

14. It's Getting Hot In Here...

So take off your shirt. We won't judge.

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