The Really Important Stuff About the Super Bowl -- The Commercials

Feb 2, 2009 at 1:03 pm

We witnessed one of the greatest single games in the history of NFL football last night. The flurry of momentum and lead changes, the outstanding performances by players both known and unknown, and a finish that actually outdid last year's dramatics. Simply outstanding. 

But, really, does anyone honestly care that much? I mean, I do, but still. We all know why we really watch the Super Bowl, and the reason isn't the football.

We watch for the commercials. 

So which ads got me off my sofa and running to the store? Well, I'll tell you. These are the three best commercials from yesterday's ad orgy. 

Honourable Mention:, "It's Time"

Okay, so I couldn't make it just three. I really like this one, particularly the boss who refers to his employee as "dummy" (or maybe the koala bear getting punched), but it just missed the very top echelon. 

Second Runner Up: Pepsi Max, "I'm Good"

Let's face it. It's funny when people get hurt and it isn't us. 

First Runner Up: Pepsi, "Pepsuber"

Pepsi did really well for themselves this year; with Budweiser apparently having run out of ideas that don't suck, I think they could be poised to take over the mantle of Super Bowl ad champs. 

By the way, MacGruber is one of my favorite SNL skits of recent vintage. Right after Vincent Price's Thanksgiving Special. 

Aaand the winner is- (envelope please)

The Champion: Doritos, "Crystal Ball"

This commercial is just wonderful, on pretty much every level. The best part of it, though, is the complete surprise nature. It reminded me of my favorite Super Bowl ad ever, a Nextel ad from a couple of years ago that featured a man hitting his friend in the head with his phone as a way of demonstrating its "anti-theft" features. 

I hate Doritos, but god, I love their commercials. 

And so there you have it. The best of the best. Now, if you want to know which were the worst, you'll just have to check back tomorrow.