The SH#@ Colby Rasmus Dad is Likely Telling His Son During the All-Star Break

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Channeling Rasmustin, a.k.a. Colby's dad.
Channeling Rasmustin, a.k.a. Colby's dad.
If you haven't heard yet, Colby Rasmus is back home in Alabama this week working on his swing during the MLB All-Star break.

Coaching him on his form, is his father, Tony Rasmus, a high-school baseball coach and former minor-league player. Colby has turned to his father several times during his career for advice on his batting, which can range from the sublime to the downright vexing. This season, the 24-year-old Rasmus has seen his average plummet from .313 two months ago to .246 today. In July, he's batting just .147.

So, what advice can Rasmus expect to get from his outspoken father?

As Riverfront Times chronicled in May, the advice can be as scatter-shot as Rasmus' hitting stats.

Perhaps the elder Rasmus will convey upon his son the need to raise his knee to his scrotum when leaning into a pitch and to try his best not to pull the ball.

But that's only if Colby listens to dear ol' dad.

As Tony told us this spring: "From the time a kid turns 14 until he's about 19 or 20 -- or in Colby's case, 23 -- they always think their dad's the dumbest person that ever walked the planet. He thinks I don't know what I'm talking about."  

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