The St. Louis Police Department's World Series Tickets Scandal -- It's Back!

Feb 28, 2008 at 12:12 pm

Remember the great St. Louis Cardinals World Series/St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department scandal of 2007? I broke news of the department's internal affairs investigation into the matter here on STLog back in March of '07.

Well, it's back, thanks to St. Louis attorney Albert Watkins, who frequently goes to bat for the blue shirts of the department. Watkins issued the following press release today:

Police officers involved in the 2006 World Series ticket use inquiry have directed the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to cease its unilateral delay in the production of records sought by subpoenas issued by the State's Director of the Department of Public Safety.

The eight officers, seven of whom remain active with the City's police department, learned late last week that the State's POST Commission had for over a year been seeking the Police Department's files on the World Series ticket use investigation but the City Police Department had failed to release the requested records. "The officers are shocked and disappointed that anything less than full and timely cooperation has been demonstrated by the police department and cannot understand the rationale for the secretive delay," said Albert S. Watkins, legal counsel for the officers.

"The officers involved have previously acknowledged their role in the incident and accepted their discipline. They want nothing more than to demonstrate a continuing commitment to transparency and cooperation with the POST Commission," added Watkins.

The POST Commission (Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training Program) is a regulatory agency that is responsible for licensure of peace officers.

Watkins also sent along a copy of one of the subpoenas, sent to Captain John Hayden (click to download in pdf form), commander of the city department's Internal Affairs Division. The POST Commission basically wants any and all records related to the IA investigation. More, certainly, to come...

-Kristen Hinman