The Tigers Prove Me Wrong

Mar 16, 2009 at 9:56 am
Never before have I been so happy to be so wrong. 

Just last week, I wrote about how disappointing the ends to both the Missouri Tigers' and the SLU Billikens' regular seasons were. I thought that the Tigers would largely take away that last game loss to Texas A&M as the last impression of the season, particularly as they would likely fall to either Oklahoma or Kansas in the Big 12 tournament. 

Well, it appears that I was premature in my assessment. 

Really, really premature.

I freely admit, I was swayed by my own disappointment in an ugly loss by the Tigers. When it comes right down to it, objectivity isn't really my strong suit. Still, though, I didn't think there was any way that Mizzou would go on the kind of run they did to win the Big 12 Championship and erase any lingering ugliness.

The author, trying desperately to get the Tigers to speak to him again
The author, trying desperately to get the Tigers to speak to him again
Of course, it doesn't exactly hurt that both Oklahoma and Kansas, the only two Big 12 teams that I think are clearly better than the Tigers, were knocked out in earlier rounds by other teams. But hey, you play the games you're given, right? 

And just for the record, I do still think that loss on the last day of the regular season was crap. A&M is the sort of team the Tigers should clean up on, and they let their guards down. Still, it probably bugged me more than it should have. Oh, well...

Anyhow, congratulations to Mike Anderson and the Tigers on the first Big 12 Championship in Missouri history. (Mizzou won several Big 8 titles, but none since the conference expanded.) And congratulations on a Number 3 seed in the NCAA tournament. From where the Tigers were at the end of the Quinn Snyder debacle to where they are now is pretty stunning, really, and Mike Anderson deserves all the credit in the world. 

That being said, I think Mizzou should probably win their first two games in the tournament, and then good luck with Memphis. That's not a matchup I feel good at all about the Tigers being able to pull out. 

Then again, the nice thing about that prediction is that I've been wrong plenty of other times, right?