The Vashon Saga Continues

Mar 8, 2007 at 9:01 pm

Jennifer Silverberg
Ex-Vashon basketball coach Floyd Irons and his attorney, Jerry Dobson, began a press conference today by stating, "We're pleased to announce once again that Floyd Irons is the head coach at Vashon."

St. Louis Public Schools spokesman Tony Sanders proceeded to fire off a single-line press release stating, "The employment status of Floyd Irons has not changed."

In other words, Irons has not replaced Anthony Bonner as the Wolverines' head coach. Irons remains on paid sick leave from the district.

The St. Louis Board of Education last week did unanimously vote to allow Irons to apply for any opening advertised in the district. Irons had been prohibited from coaching since he was removed as the Public High League athletic director last summer.

Post-Dispatch sports columnist Bernie Miklasz noted in his online forum that the vote was "a total in-your-face move directed at (Veronica) O'Brien," the board president who orchestrated Irons' ouster last July.

Board member Bill Purdy denies that he and his colleagues were retaliating against O'Brien. The board simply acted to protect itself from possible litigation brought by Irons, Purdy contends, adding: "I would say there's no way in the world that any principal in the St. Louis Public Schools or anywhere else in the area would ever take the risk of hiring him and putting him in charge of basketball, or anything else. I can't see that a principal would risk their own integrity or face the criticism of appointing him. But it's not right to say to him that you can't apply."

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-Kristen Hinman