These Are the 25 Best CBD Oils on the Market

Finding a CBD oil you can trust is a real challenge in a largely unregulated market. There are plenty of companies out there selling bogus or even unsafe products, and this can be disheartening when you’re trying to do something good for your health. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best CBD oils on the market.

The following brands are some of the most reputable in the industry today, and they all take careful steps to ensure you get the best CBD oil possible. Every company here sources the hemp used in their products from farms in the United States; some even grow their own. They put their finished CBD through stringent third-party lab testing to verify purity and potency, and their certificates of analysis are available to view online before you make a purchase.

1. Penguin CBD
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: PENGUIN CBD
Photo Credit: Penguin CBD
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8mg to 33.3mg

Penguin CBD is hands-down our No. 1 pick for best brand on the market in 2020. They carry some of the finest CBD products available today, and their pure CBD oil is no exception. Their most popular CBD oil flavors are mint and citrus, but their new strawberry and cookies-and-cream flavors may become the next fan favorites. The hemp used to make Penguin CBD’s broad-spectrum oil is organically grown and domestically sourced, and the CBD is distilled using a special CO2 extraction process. This means precise formulation for great taste and the chillest effects.

In addition to offering some of the best CBD oil around, Penguin CBD uses their broad-spectrum CBD in a full line of products to meet all your relaxation needs. On their website, you can find cooling peppermint CBD cream to keep your skin soft and smooth. Their convenient CBD capsules will fit into your on-the-go lifestyle. And delicious CBD gummies made with CBD isolate give you the purest, most tantalizing flavors on the market.

2. Verma Farms
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: VERMA FARMS
Photo Credit: Verma Farms
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 16.67mg

Inspired by the Hawaiian Islands, Verma Farms has curated unique flavors to make their pure CBD products even more delicious. Try their mango- or pineapple-flavored CBD oil for a taste of the islands; their fruit pack for all five of their mouthwatering fruit flavors; or their award-winning CBD oil kit for lasting effects that will take you through every part of your day, from waking up with a smile to falling asleep with ease.

3. Joy Organics
Photo Credit: Joy Organics
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 7.5mg to 45mg

Joy Smith was looking for relief from her insomnia and other problems when her son suggested she try CBD. Though CBD oil helped, she found that the brands she tried were not dependable. Out of frustration, she and her family worked together to develop a CBD formula that has become one of the most respected in the industry.

4. Mana Artisan Botanics
Photo Credit: Mana Artisan Botanics
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 5mg to 30mg

Another brand inspired by Hawaiian culture and botanical formulas, Mana Artisan Botanics is a favorite among CBD critics everywhere for its holistic approach to creating some of the most complete products. Try their super-low-dose Limited Edition Turmeric and Cinnamon CBD Tincture for a warm, relaxing effect that will help you feel your best even after the most stressful days.

5. Lazarus Naturals
Photo Credit: Lazarus Naturals
Full spectrum and CBD isolate
Dose per dropper: 15mg and 50mg

Lazarus Naturals has the goal of making high-quality, safe CBD oil more accessible to everyone. They offer discounts of up to 60 percent for veterans, people with disabilities and those in low-income households. Their premium CBD oils are created with meticulous care, and they offer both CBD isolate and full-spectrum oils.

6. Plus+CBD
Photo Credit: Plus+CBD
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8mg to 25mg

Plus+CBD makes a variety of CBD oil formulas, with their Gold Formula CBD oil drops offering the most potent doses. The Raw Formula CBD oil drops are perhaps the most interesting of Plus+CBD’s products, however, because they use a special distillation process that incorporates more of the plant than any other method. The result is a formula that also includes CBDA, an acidic cannabinoid distinct from CBD that contains unique properties.

7. Sisters of the Valley
Photo Credit: Sisters of the Valley
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8.3mg to 16.7mg

Sisters of the Valley CBD oil is harvested with love, and handmade according to the moon cycles. They grow their own plants, and everything is made in-house, then sent to a third-party lab for testing. For their CBD oil product, they infuse coconut oil with CBD and other essential oils for a natural, earthy flavor and a powerful dose of CBD.

8. Charlotte’s Web
Photo Credit: Charlotte’s Web
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 7mg to 60mg

Perfecting the formula since 2011, Charlotte’s Web is the OG of CBD oil. This full-spectrum CBD oil contains over 80 cannabinoids in addition to CBD, and the quality is virtually unmatched in the industry. Their CBD products are straightforward, and the amount of CBD per dose is precisely calibrated. Those who are ready to take their CBD dosing up a notch should go with the 60mg formula.

9. Sunday Scaries
Photo Credit: Sunday Scaries
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 10mg

The Sunday Scaries were created with serious fun in mind. They make one kind of CBD, and it is certainly worth a try, particularly for those who are simply looking for their first experience with this magical substance. The Sunday Scaries formula is the right company if you’re seeking to start off with a lower dose until you know what your body needs.

10. Green Roads
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: GREEN ROADS
Photo Credit: Green Roads
Full spectrum and broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 7mg to 58mg

The Green Roads formula was specifically developed by a pharmacist for maximum absorption so not one drop of your CBD goes to waste, and you start feeling it as quickly as possible. The brand also includes a special device to deliver a more precise dose, rather than the messy dropper that comes in most bottles of CBD oil. They offer so many amazing varieties of doses and flavors that it is difficult to choose just one, but their product finder will help you determine exactly what you need after you answer a few simple questions.

11. Flora Sophia
click to enlarge Photo Credit: Flora Sophia
Photo Credit: Flora Sophia
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 20mg to 70mg

Flora Sophia is an “earth wisdom apothecary,” founded by people with formal degrees in nutrition and neuroscience. They offer a full line of CBD products, including products featuring CBDA and CBG.

12. Plant People
Photo Credit: Plant People
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 10mg to 48mg

The Plant People have developed their brand out of firsthand experience. They were looking for a holistic way to manage pain when they found CBD, and there was no turning back after they witnessed the amazing benefits. Their CBD Starter Set is the perfect way to get familiar with everything this brand has to offer, with a sampling of all three of their formulas. Try the regular daytime formula with pure full-spectrum CBD, the relief formula with additional terpenes and turmeric, and the sleep formula with just the right balance of everything to help you get an excellent night’s sleep.

13. Zion Medicinals
Photo Credit: Zion Medicinals
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8.3mg to 50mg

Zion Medicinals was founded by a chiropractor looking for a way to help his wife with her Lyme disease symptoms. Their lives were changed when he found CBD. This company has developed a special ethanol-extraction process, in addition to spagyric practices, to derive one of the most whole-plant CBD formula oils out there.

14. Premium Jane
Photo Credit: Premium Jane
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 10mg to 30mg

Premium Jane’s focus on customer service is what makes this brand stand out in the industry. They create high-quality CBD products and encourage consumers to reach out with any questions, or if they can’t find the specific product they are looking for. If you want an extra-delicious CBD oil, try their mint chocolate flavor in 300mg, 600mg or 1,000mg.

15. Sabaidee
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: SABAIDEE
Photo Credit: Sabaidee
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8.3mg to 83.3mg

Sabaidee makes and tests all of their products in-house for quality assurance, before sending out their final product to be tested by a third-party lab. The result is ultra-pure CBD oil made with just three ingredients: broad-spectrum CBD, MCT oil and peppermint oil for flavor. We recommend the Great Vibes Bundle.

16. Receptra Naturals
Photo Credit: Receptra Naturals
Broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 25mg to 66mg

Receptra Naturals uses a cold extraction process for their CBD oils that results in the purest product possible. The company was founded on the belief that “the truth is curative,” and their products are a reflection of that guiding principle. All of their oils are of superior quality, but since higher doses are difficult to find in general, we recommend the 66mg per dose Serious Relief formula with the added natural anti-inflammatory turmeric.

17. Royal CBD
Photo Credit: Royal CBD
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 8.3mg to 83.3mg

The makers of Royal CBD aim to stand out from the crowd by making the best CBD oil on the market, and their focus on quality definitely gives them an edge in the competition. Their full-spectrum products are blended with MCT coconut oil for maximum absorption and a pleasant flavor.

18. Fab CBD
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: FAB CBD
Photo Credit: Fab CBD
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 10mg to 80mg

Fab CBD is one of the most straightforward brands on the market, with five flavors and four doses available. They offer CBD in refreshing citrus and mint flavors, as well as sweet berry and vanilla. Their natural CBD oil is perfect if you like the earthy hemp flavor or are intending to put your CBD oil in recipes. This is a brand that features a higher dose of CBD than most. Give the 2,400mg bottle a try if you are an experienced CBD enthusiast.

19. MedTerra
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: MEDTERRA
Photo Credit: MedTerra
CBD isolate and broad spectrum CBD + CBG
Dose per dropper: 16.67mg to 100mg

MedTerra’s team of medical advisors ensures that you have access to the safest, most effective products. They make CBD oil with the highest dose we found, and they even make CBD products that include CBG, which is said to be the mother of all cannabinoids. If you want to try an extra kick for the ultimate entourage effect, try their CBD+CBG Broad Spectrum 1:1 oil.

20. NuLeaf Naturals
Photo Credit: NuLeaf Naturals
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 50mg

NuLeaf Naturals keeps their focus narrow, creating just one product, though it is of outstanding quality. Their full-spectrum CBD oil is some of the best on the market today, and while this brand is definitely on the pricey side, it is well worth the expense. Additionally, the more you buy, the less you spend per ounce. Stock up, or try just a small amount to get started before you invest. Either way, this will no doubt become one of your favorite brands.

21. Balance CBD
click to enlarge PHOTO CREDIT: BALANCE CBD
Photo Credit: Balance CBD
Full spectrum and broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 16.7mg to 50mg

Balance CBD has put together formulas that combine proprietary blends of terpenes for specific effects. Their CBD selection includes oils that have had Charlotte’s Web terpenes and Harlequin terpenes infused with a base of either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD, but their Immunity Blend CBD oil may be their most powerful. It has a special formulation to support a healthy immune system when you are run down.

22. Kat’s Naturals
Photo Credit: Kat’s Naturals
Full spectrum and broad spectrum
Dose per dropper: 10mg to 50mg

Kat’s Naturals is a socially and environmentally conscious brand doing its part to make the world a better place, while helping you feel your best every day. They offer a variety of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum options, and they are all superior-quality products made from hemp grown, harvested and processed locally. For a unique kick of energy, try their Metabolize Formula, with 500mg of CBD and additional botanical extracts to give you everything you need to get through even the longest of days.

23. Eureka Effects
Photo Credit: Eureka Effects
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 16.7mg

Eureka Effects is another brand that makes just one product — and they do it well. Unless you are looking for CBD for your pet (which is also some of the best you can get), they only offer a 500mg bottle of full-spectrum CBD that has been meticulously formulated. This CBD oil includes all the right terpenes and cannabinoids to create the perfect entourage effect, for a feeling of well-being and calm that lasts all day.

24. Superfine CBD
Photo Credit: Superfine CBD
Full spectrum
Dose per dropper: 50mg

Superfine CBD sells one product made with two ingredients: CBD oil made with full-spectrum CBD and hemp-seed oil. Give it a try for the purest effect on the market.

25. CBDistillery
Photo Credit: CBDistillery
Full spectrum and CBD isolate
Dose per dropper: 8.3mg to 167mg

CBDistillery has the widest range of products available and is one of the only brands that carries an oil made from CBD isolate. Their low-dose CBD oil is a great way to start trying CBD. Their 5,000mg bottle is perfect for anyone who requires a very high dose of CBD or wants to be able to get their lower dose with fewer drops. This is one of the more reasonably priced brands, so it is an excellent starter oil. We recommend the THC-free 250mg tincture for novices, and the THC-free 5,000mg tincture for experienced CBD users looking to add a boost to their routine.
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