This Looks Familiar: 5 Commercials Weber Chevrolet Should Rip Off Next

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click to enlarge George Weber talks gas mileage with kids. - YouTube
George Weber talks gas mileage with kids.

George Weber was sick of the typical car commercial, where the owner of a dealership screams about the cheapest model on the lot.

"Car commercials do so much yelling at you," says Weber, owner of George Weber Chevrolet. "I don't think people are listening to ads with a notepad writing things down. But if I make it funny, then people will want to see it."

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So Weber drew his inspiration from the AT&T's "It's not complicated" commercials where comedian Beck Bennett asks children simple questions and gets hilarious responses.

The Monday before Christmas, Weber brought in the children and grandchildren of his St. Louis employees, divided them into five groups and asked them each thirteen questions. Their unscripted answers will leave Weber Chevrolet with four months' worth of commercials.

"That was all natural; we didn't tell the kids anything," Weber tells Daily RFT. "The kids are the stars of the commercial, not me."

Weber's commercials may be a little ersatz after months of AT&T's version, but if there's one thing Weber has that Bennett doesn't, it's size.

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"I'm a big guy," says the six-foot-six-inch owner of the Midwest's largest Chevy dealership. "The table is way smaller than the one in the AT&T commercials."

If Weber is OK with drawing inspiration from other commercial campaigns, then we know a few successful campaigns he should try.

Continue reading for the five commercials Weber Chevrolet should rip off next.

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