This We Know: Juara the Orangutan Did NOT Die of Physical Exhaustion

Sorry if we hurt your feelings.
Sorry if we hurt your feelings.
Wow. The coincidence. We almost wonder if we had something to do with it?

Yesterday, Daily RFT reported new findings suggesting that orangutans are perhaps the laziest creatures in the animal kingdom. Then, hours later, the St. Louis Zoo announces that its 25-year-old orangutan, Juara, had died of unknown circumstances.

Good grief. Let's hope it wasn't embarrassment!

It probably wasn't. The animal actually died on August 3 with the zoo just announcing the death yesterday. Autopsy results are pending but the cause probably had something to do with the anesthesia the zoo gave the primate prior to a routine physical that Juara underwent last week.

Orangutans in captivity can live twice as long as Juara did. As you might expect, Juara's passing allows critics and the media to once again bring up animal deaths at the zoo as the Post-Dispatch does today.

Though I'm going to go out on a limb here (orangutan like) and say: What do you expect? Apart from the zoo's track record with its polar bears and elephants -- which probably do merit investigation/criticism -- it seems to me the zoo does a pretty good job of tending its flock.

How many animals does the zoo hold? Thousands? Some of them are going to die from time to time. And how come there's never an uproar when a reptile, bird or insect dies at the zoo? Seems it's only the cute mammals that make the news.

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