This Week in RFT, April 1 - April 8

Apr 1, 2009 at 3:46 pm

We're back at you, and on April Fool's Day no less.
This week we proudly present our special "Play Ball" Opening Day 2009 spread, complete with a full-page St. Louis Cardinals schedule (suitable for framing), and a thought-provoking piece by our baseball blogger extraordinaire, Aaron Schafer, who ponders whether this will at last be a breakout year for top Redbird prospects.

In keeping with the baseball theme, our News Real, with its oh-so--clever headline, "The Sultans of Sod," details the lengths Cardinals groundskeepers go to to keep Busch Stadium green.

In our feature, "The Good Doctor," staff writer Keegan Hamilton profiles William Chignoli, who has spent the past decade building a social service safety net for immigrants, primarily Hispanics.

As usual, the RFT calendar section, known to all as Night & Day, will tantalize you with a buffet's worth of things to do and see this week in and around St. Louis. Also, don't miss our theater critic Dennis Brown's take on "Back of the Throat" at the Gas Light Theater, an engaging play that dramatizes the privacies we've lost in a post-9/11 America.

This week, too, Ian Froeb, your favorite restaurant reviewer -- and ours -- brings us to the Local Harvest Cafe, a welcome new addition to the world of sustainable chowing-down in the Tower Grove South neighborhood.

Finally, do not miss out on music editor Annie Zaleski moving tribute to Jamie Foehner, the irrepressible door man and trivia host at Lemmons. It'll bring a tear to your eye.

Happy April Fool's Day.