Time to Vote! Who is This Week's Ass Clown? July 17-24

It's been a couple weeks since our last Ass Clown competition and this week's field of contenders is starting to look like an Afghani presidential election. There are just so many candidates.

So, here they are in no certain order. Vote for the local person you think made the biggest ass of themselves this week in the news. Back at you Monday with the results.

1. Mark Muller -- The auto dealer who's giving away an AK-47 assault rifle to all customers who purchase a truck from his western Missouri used-car lot.

2. Thomas "it's a" Byrd "No it's Batman" -- Thomas Byrd of Granite City was sentenced this week to 24 years in prison for kidnapping his estranged wife and biting out a chunk of her face. When questioned by the police, Byrd told authorities he was "Batman."

3. Charles Papenfus -- The Ohio man recently indicted on felony terrorism charges when he told a telemarketer in St. Louis that he would "burn down the building and kill the employees and their families" if the agency ever called him again. (On second thought, perhaps this man is to be commended?)

4. Cindy Feltner -- The Lebanon, Missouri, resident charged with felony child endangerment when police pulled over her "redneck limousine." Inside Feltner's overcrowded sedan police found three kids stuffed in the trunk. Police noted that the weather that day could have easily suffocated the children.

5. Michael Impey -- The St. Louis doctor on trial this week for putting a hole in a person's colon during surgery. Impey argued that his addiction to painkillers had nothing to do with the botched operation. We're not sure what excuse he used back in 2003 when he fell asleep while performing a colonoscopy.

Cast your vote after the jump! 

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