Toi Hutchinson, Illinois State Senator, on Strip Club Tax: "We May Have a Compromise"

Mar 1, 2012 at 9:15 am
click to enlarge Illinois state senator Toi Hutchinson says her strip club tax might get legs - Image via
Illinois state senator Toi Hutchinson says her strip club tax might get legs
Toi Hutchinson, the Illinois state senator who introduced the "strip club tax" bill to fund aid to sexual assault victims, has left Daily RFT a voicemail saying that despite grumblings from opponents, the bill is still "in negotiations" and "we may have a compromise."

As we reported Wednesday and last week, some folks aren't crazy about this legislation. They think it's unfair to tax strip clubs in this way, claiming that there's no connection between the clubs and sexual assault.

But the senator disagrees, writing to us yesterday via e-mail:
There are studies showing an increase in the crime rate, especially sexually- related offenses, in neighborhoods that contain an adult entertainment facility. 
We are fascinated by this, and trying to hunt down the studies. As soon as we find them, we'll update this post; in the meantime, here's the rest of her e-mail: 
I am by no means suggesting that by entering an adult entertainment facility an individual automatically obtains a disposition to commit a sexual assault against another person. 

I am, however, taking a hard look at the data that suggests the adult entertainment industry does have a responsibility towards assisting women who have been assaulted, in similar fashion to the way gambling facilities contribute towards anti-gambling programs and in the way tobacco companies contribute to smoking cessation programs.

Since introducing Senate Bill 3348, meaningful conversations are happening with the adult entertainment industry.  I am hopeful as we continue our discussions that reasonable legislation can be advanced that fulfills my goal of protecting victims of sexual assault.
We'll keep you updated as negotiations continue.