Tom Landry Is Dead

Week of February 13, 2002

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Tom Landry Is Dead
Why would any caring deity favor a city as ugly as Dallas? You're right -- the Rams are not God's team [Ray Hartmann, "This Is Not God's Team," Jan. 30]. And I want to see all of these bandwagoners crying when the Rams get rotten again ... Everyone knows that God's favorite team plays in Dallas -- that's why there's a hole in the roof, so he can watch his favorite team play. Speaking of roofs, let's get this team outside, on grass, in the elements, and play the game like men.
Joe Povis

Buddy, can you spare a clue? You just don't get it. These lads are simply giving praise to the One who supplies their every need. On the mountaintop or in the valley, they recognize their source. Your talent comes from the same place; thank God, Ray. As you liberals always tell Christians, "If you don't like it, then change the channel!"
Tom Wegener
via the Internet

Free speech isn't a one-way street: Why is it that whenever a Christian stands up, on whatever podium he or she may be upon, and proclaims his or her faith in a public venue, it irks so many people? However, let any other group speak their minds and proclaim their beliefs, and they get a resounding round of applause for speaking up for what they hold near and dear to their heart. I think that it is very refreshing to see good men like Kurt Warner, Aeneas Williams and Isaac Bruce, who are at the peak of their careers and very much in the public's eye, boldly and proudly announcing to all who are listening their love for Jesus Christ and the thanks they give him.
Tony Kalna Jr.
Editor, Missouri Deer Hunter Magazine
Dittmer, Mo.

That's between me and my higher power: Just because the Rams lost, there has to be negative publicity! Our team is a winning team because of their faith in Jesus Christ. The fact that they lost the Super Bowl but still remain victorious in their faith is a true witness to this community and nation. Did you ever hear of the Great Commission (apparently not!)? Jesus asks, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." Kurt Warner said after the game that even though we lost and it is painful, God does not "leave him or forsake him." Jesus had nothing to do with winning or losing a football game, but he strengthened those who believe in him to accept his will! I am grateful for a team that is not afraid to share their faith with many others, including my children! Better than flaunting drug use, extramarital affairs, violence, etc. This nation would be a better place if we had more Kurt Warners, Isaac Bruces, Ernie Conwells, Aeneas Williamses, etc., and others who are not ashamed of receiving the gift of eternal life through Jesus Christ! Where are you spending eternity?
Kim Bell

The alternative head was "Touchdown Jesus!" I was not amused by the mean-spirited attempt at humor on your Feb. 6 cover. Apparently you were so offended by some of the players' openness about their religious beliefs that you were positively giddy about their Super Bowl loss. What were you planning on running if they'd beaten the Patriots -- "Oh nuts, the Christians won"?
Albert Korfmacher
via the Internet

Well, we are -- but not for that: Sick, ignorant assholes -- you should be ashamed!
Deven Green
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In Praise of Hammers
Dollar-greedy airlines put passengers at risk with shoddy security: Mr. Nesbitt's wonderful rant on airport security [Jim Nesbitt, "Speedloader," Feb. 6] hits the "nay-ell on the hay-yed," as he might say. The Big Earls of the world have every right to be royally pissed. The airlines have blood on their hands for ignoring incessant warnings pre-Sept. 11. Their answer: "Awww, we haven't lost a ton of people yet, so to hell with the security stuff." Big Airline has been raping the common flyer for higher profits at the expense of our safety for years. You can't expect money-grubbing profiteers to "do the right thing" by their precious cargo. This whole debacle proves that corporate America and its greed are far more important than true, sensible safety for passengers. Welcome, Big Earl!
Doug Bedell

You Don't Know Dick
Maybe not, but we do know when the truth hits a nerve: I found your article about Maritz [Jeannette Batz, "The Graveyard Whistlers," Feb. 6] way off base. I am an avid reader of the RFT, and now I question the level of accuracy of your articles. Are you sure you are not a former writer for the National Enquirer? I have been an employee of Maritz for over 10 years and find many of your statements and facts to be completely inappropriate, inaccurate and unsubstantiated. Yes, I am a very happy employee of Maritz, and we do have something very special going on within this company. People actually do like to come to work, even in these hard times. I do not think you are an expert in the incentive business and therefore are not educated enough to make comments about our line of work. You showed your ignorance in many of your comments. I hope next time you are a little more careful in your research and writing. From a now-former reader of the RFT,
Eileen Graham

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