Top 10: Last Week's Most-Read Posts

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If you missed them, here are the most-read posts from May 18-25, 2009:

Is the Party Over On Missouri's Rivers this Summer?
The Missouri Legislature voted to ban beer bongs on state rivers, but Jell-O shots are still 100 percent legal.

Chuck E. Cheese Boob Grab Revealed! The Photo That Prompted a Lawsuit
The shelf-life of this post seems self-explanatory, but click through for the promised photo.

Did Darius Miles' Outrageous Ride Lead to Pot Bust?
The East Side native and NBA player owns a few conspicuous rides.

May I.E. Millstone -- Wherever He Is -- Rest in Peace
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch's online comments threads are endlessly entertaining, mystifying and downright unfathomable.

Missouri Man Swims Lake, Alters Course of Myanmar Politics
A lot of us admire Daw Aung San Suu Kyi. John William Yettaw admires Daw Aung San Suu Kyi too much.

University City Next Stop For Missouri's Marijuana Decriminalization Movement?
Headshop owners in the Loop should be hopeful.

Man Alleges Police Caused Him Kidney Damage ("My pee was blacker than me!")
Terrell Wilhite, 31, of Bellefontaine Neighbors, tells Riverfront Times that a Bellefontaine Neighbors Police Department officer beat and Tasered him, then drove him across state lines and left him for dead under an IIlinois viaduct in the late night/early morning hours of May 2/3.

Dennis Skillicorn's Last Meal Before He Was Put to Death
Vickie Green, a cook at the Crossroads restaurant near the Bonne Terre prison, said her restaurant has been "selected several times" by prison officials when ordering up last suppers for its doomed inmates.

Pujols' Monster Homer: The Photographic Proof
There's no I in Pujols.

Milton "Skip" Ohlsen III Pleads Guilty to Federal Charges
Ohlsen held himself out as a political operative at one point, an ultimate-fighting promoter at another. At one time he was thinking of getting into the restaurant business.

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