Top Ten Google Street View Photobombs (PICS)

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5. Two Guys Peeing Hey, when it's time to go, it's time to go!

4. One Girl Peeing (At least, we hope she's peeing) Not to be outdone by the boys, this girl really goes for it and pops a squat right behind her car. Well, assuming it is her car, but you never know with people like this.

3. Gun-Toting Badass Hopefully, this guy doesn't work at a Post Office.

2. LARP Our favorite role-playing photobombers barely missed the top honors.

1. Mermen Battle It Out They win for the four prong spear head, because that's almost a trident and tridents are awesome.

Finally, to honor these spear-wielding, crazy scuba guys, we're including the greatest trident moment in cinematic history.

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