Tower Grove Park Launches Fundraiser After Losing 40 Trees

Jul 13, 2021 at 3:52 pm

When violent storms ripped through the St. Louis area over the weekend, it felt like an ambush in the middle of the night. Under the cover of darkness, it was difficult to see all of the damage that had been done, but when we woke up on Saturday morning there was destruction everywhere.

In addition to tree limbs being down all across town, there were entire trees down, too. Some were split in half and others had tipped over at the roots.

Tower Grove Park (4257 Northeast Drive, 314-771-2679) took a bad hit from these storms, losing more than forty mature trees in the process.

There is now a fundraiser to help with cleanup and to support regulars of the 289-acre south city oasis. Called the “Summer Storm Bounce Back” fundraiser, the fund aims to provide assistance to the farmers who participate in the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market. All of the downed trees caused a cancellation of the market last weekend, damaging their incomes.

The cool thing about this particular fundraiser is that you also get a little bonus for donating.

From the Tower Grove Park Facebook page:

“With your generous donation of $50 or more to the Park by July 31, you will receive a $10 token to the Farmers’ Market to spend at an upcoming Tuesday or Saturday edition of the Tower Grove Farmers’ Market.”

That’s what you call a win-win folks.

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