Trash Workers in Columbia Busted for Taking Discarded Beer from Landfill

click to enlarge So, you'll never guess where I got this.
So, you'll never guess where I got this.
Such an undignified ending for the King of Beers.

The Columbia Tribune reports that two mid-Missouri refuge workers were busted this week for taking as many as 50 cases of Budweiser (and some Michelob Ultra) from the city dump.

The beer was past its expiration born-on date and had been hauled out to the dump by the local Anheuser-Busch distributor. The haul included some 1,500 cases of beer -- more than half of which were destroyed by the landfill crew.

Evidently the load was too big for crews to destroy all of it, and later two city garbage workers returned to the dump with a city-owned truck. Security tapes show the men entering the dump with an empty vehicle and leaving with the beer in tow minutes later. 

The incident occurred on April 1, but was confirmed this week following weeks of rumors.

One of the garbage men involved in the haul resigned when confronted on Monday. The other is awaiting a meeting with the city's director of public works and could receive disciplinary action. Anything left in the dump is considered to be city property and removing items from the landfill can be considered theft.

What's more the pilfered beer remains missing. But don't worry, its not unhealthy to drink. At worst "it loses some of its taste profile," assures the president of the town's A-B distributor.

P.S. Just had to share this image. It's what you get back when you do a Bing image search on "Budweiser and trash."

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