True Kick

Week of February 5, 2003

True Kick
You captured the scene: I just finished reading the article "Crunk and Disorderly" [Randall Roberts, January 22]. It was great, and for you not to have ever kicked there, you really got it down. I couldn't have written it better myself. I'm a longtime patron of the Monastery [and] have enjoyed the club for the last five years. My sisters and I are the girls who they speak of as starting the Mono [dance]. We're the ones [who] named Kevin [Henderson] and his clique the "hot boys." We are all really close friends. [The club's] really a great place to kick it if you really, really like to party. It's surely not for the stuck-up folk. I love it -- we all do. That's why I'll continue to support T [what club regulars call the owner], because he treats his regulars well. Sometimes. we have fall-outs, but that's [true] in any relationship. T is surely the Man. Again, great article.
Kiauna M. Carbin
via the Internet

Warning Signs
The red flags were there: I am a chemist and have worked with GHB, GBL and BD while doing legitimate research [Bruce Rushton, "Dumb and Dumber," January 29]. The manufacturers send a disclaimer warning of the possible uses of these chemicals, including as a date-rape drug. With GBL, you must sign a promise (which is to be faxed back before a sample is sent) to not react it to form GHB. I believe that these suppliers were well aware of the risks but continued to supply these relatively expensive chemicals to turn a profit without any regard for safety. How pathetic and sad (and indicative of the way business is really done). GHB [and its related chemicals] are secondary or tertiary types of solvents -- meaning that they are typically used to strengthen a weaker, less expensive solvent. They are low-usage items when used correctly. In fact, the volumes of the type Miracle Cleaning Products used of these chemicals should also have been a warning sign that things weren't right (that and the fact the chemicals were delivered to a residence -- unbelievable!). Currently there are better, less expensive substitutes for GHB and its cousins [for] making a legitimate product. GHB is far, far away from being a [common] commodity. It is more of a specialty chemical whose usage is monitored so more production can be scheduled when the stock runs low. Any drastic increases [in demand], as [Miracle Cleaning Products] surely would have created, should have been noticed and accounted for. Also, usage levels this high would certainly bring the salespeople calling to see if other opportunities exist. Many people had many reasons to blow the whistle on this operation but chose to look the other way. How could someone sleep at night knowing that they had contributed to an [incalculable number] of date rapes and other crimes all over the country? Pseudoignorance is bliss, I guess -- that is, until stupidity overtakes greed.
Name withheld by request

Happy Trails
Still has cowboy dreams: Thank you, RFT, for tickling my childhood memories of Texas Bruce and the Wranglers' Club [Dennis Brown, "A Walking Tragedy," January 22]. I'm 50 years old now, but I still say, "Hasta la vista, vaqueros." Thanks, Mr. Gibbs, for being such an enduring part of my life.
Carter Whitson
St. Louis

Won't taste their food: I was excited to read Michael Renner's review of 630 ["Fancy Illusion," Jan. 15] because I'll never visit myself. 630's trendy promotion includes a flood of unsolicited e-mail. "Fancy Illusion" is an apt description for St. Louis' first spam-eria.
Mark Goldberg

Dream Rocker
Bitter is as bitter does: I want to respond to an article written by René Spencer Saller [ Radar Station] in your December 4 RFT. I read Ms. Saller's review of the Pointessential 7 CD and can only wonder at her credentials and integrity. Ms. Saller seems to enjoy bashing the musicians featured on this CD as though she is a gifted goddess of music -- and I don't suppose she is. Perhaps what Ms. Saller doesn't know is that behind each of those bands are hardworking young people who are trying their hardest to break into the music scene. They are working so hard to fulfill their dreams, only to be the butt of an endless tirade of nasty comments by Ms. Saller. These young people are following a dream and sacrificing much to do so. Maybe Ms. Saller doesn't know this, maybe she's lucky enough to have fulfilled her dream, but I bet there's no one sitting up late at night belittling her and her columns. And, yes, I do know firsthand how hurtful Ms. Saller's reviews can be.... [I am] a band mom who is supporting her son and his dreams.
Name withheld by request

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