TWEET FIGHT! Bloggers take it to Twitter to Hammer it Out

Aug 5, 2009 at 8:30 am
@Jaelithe vs. @DLoesch
@Jaelithe vs. @DLoesch
Yesterday Momocrats blogger Jaelithe (the only name she uses online) posted this blog post alleging how the Tea Party protests (that have recently taken to harassing elected officials at town hall events around the country) are actually an organized campaign funded by GOP lobbyists and not the grass roots movement they claim to be.  In the post she mentioned that fellow blogger and media personality Dana Loesch was a key organizer of the local Tea Party group that gave Claire McCaskill's staff a hard time at last week's Town Hall event organized to discuss health care reform. She also mentioned Loesch's subsequent appearance on Fox that we also mentioned here last week.

Loesch took offense to some of the claims that Jaelithe made, not just to the astroturfing charge but also to the claims that she was a Fox employee and that she was, of all things, A REPUBLICAN.

Now truth be told, it might be easy to make the mistake that Loesch was a Fox employee since she is employed by a local Fox News affiliate station 97.1 FM Talk (KFTK.) But even though the station carries Fox Radio News at the top of every hour, the station is actually owned by Indianapolis-based Emmis Communications.

The Republican charge is a little fuzzier because Jaelithe never actually said that Loesch was a Republican, she only alleged that the Tea Parties were likely funded by GOP affiliated lobbying organizations -- a charge that all Tea Party organizers deny. Nevertheless, Loesch seemed to take a personal offense to these charges and let loose a juicy stream of Tweets yesterday that was entertaining to read even if you had no interest in the underlying controversy. It's the little events like this that make the Internet and Twitter so damn fun sometimes.

Here are a few of Loesch's Tweets:

Momocrats, if you're going to run a smear post on me get it right: I'm not a Fox employee and not a member of a political party. Kthxbai ...

Oh but because I'm a conservative I must be a crazy Fox employee and GOP hack! Fabulous open-mindedness! Good grief.

Tired of fake friends and people who exploit your friendship until they have an opportunity to blog about you.

@jennui1 Exactly. It's more fun to be friends and accept differences then try to smear others for it, jeebus! (Plus I just love you anyway.)

@KBestOliver She's not my friend because friends don't do that. I'm not debating lies and hate written for hate. THE END.

I don't deny myself, you shouldn't deny yourself, and if you lie about people you will get called on it end of story.

Just tired of refuting those same partisan talking points that it's all organized by the GOP, or that my station is a Fox affiliate.

Now the interesting thing is that none of these tweets use the customary @ reply to Jaelithe though it's clear that they were at least in response to her post on Momocrats.

And to be fair (and balanced--ha!) here are some sample tweets of how Jaelithe was responding to Loesch's Tweet rant:

@DLoesch I don't know exactly what you are saying about my piece since you've protected your stream.

@DLoesch The article was not an attempt to smear you, any more than @BillStreeter 's was.

@DLoesch but I'd be happy to clarify that you work for a Fox affiliate station and not Fox Radio proper, if that's your issue.

@DLoesch It's part of my job at #momocrats to report on local politics and you were a main organizer of the protest I was covering.

@DLoesch I think you would have been mad at me if I had written about the town hall as if you weren't there, too.

@DLoesch But I am having a hard time separating the corporate anti-reform message from the grassroots one.