Two Balls, No Strikes

Dec 11, 2007 at 6:02 pm

He lasted nine years in the majors as a reliever for the Kansas City Royals and St. Louis Cardinals. Now Mark Littell's pitching a new kind of relief.

Littell, a Cape Girardeau native, is the creator of the NuttyBuddy, an invention he claims is the Cadillac of protective cups. According to the product’s Web site, the NuttyBuddy “cradles the anatomy to fit and absorb hard blistering blows.”

Littell is so confident in his product he put his own testes to the test, braving a 90 mph shot to the pills from a pitching machine. You can watch the video at the NuttyBuddy Web site:

(It's also available on YouTube, but the quality sucks in comparison.)

NuttyBuddy's maker claims the product has also been “tested with kicks, slides, lateral movement, speed running, sharp corner cutting, impact resistance, stopping, jumping, and ballistic movements.”

Unfortunately, no video proof of these feats is currently available.

The NuttyBuddy comes in four sizes: Mongo, hog, boss, and hammer (that would be biggest to smallest). What sets it apart from standard cups is its form-fitting design, which Littell says originated from molding plastic around two golf balls. At just under $20 for “The Package” – NuttyBuddy, compression shorts and jock strap – it also costs nearly three times as much as your classic crown-jewel protection. 

Still, Littell says the competition had best look out: “Let's get the CEO of every cup company,” he told the Associated Press. “You put your cup on, and I'll put my cup on, and we'll see who's left standing.”