Two Girl Scouts v. Hazelwood: The Trial Continues

Jul 21, 2011 at 3:30 pm
Unless, of course, you want to buy them from the Mills family in Hazelwood.
Unless, of course, you want to buy them from the Mills family in Hazelwood.

The court case we mentioned yesterday, which we're going to refer to as Two Girl Scouts v. City of Hazelwood, found two local cookie pushers and their parents taking on said city and its regulation against the sale of commodities on residential property. In March, Abigail and Catlin Mills were prevented by the city from selling Girl Scout Cookies in their front yard, a decision that led their mother, Carolyn, and the Freedom Center of Missouri to challenge Hazelwood's decision in court. For the first case of its kind to make it this far in court, this morning's court results were pretty uneventful.

St. Louis County Judge Maura B. McShane asked both parties to join her in her chambers and announced her decision to take the case into advisory for extra time to read and look over the filings. Neither side spoke in open court, and Dave Roland, who represents the Mills' family and their quest to sell cookies, says his first impression was that McShane will come down on the side of the city, requiring that the girls take their issue to Hazelwood's board of zoning adjustment.

"The judge said she would take arguments into advisement and it will be a couple of weeks before making a ruling," Roland says. "I hope that once she has a chance to look at the case law in front of her she will side with us and let us pursue the issue further in court, but right now it looks like she's going to send it back to the zoning adjustment committee."

Judge McShane didn't indicate a hard date for her conclusion, but Roland expects to hear results within two to four weeks.

And that, folks, is the way the cookie crumbles.