Two Men Invade St. Louis Home, Terrorize Women Twice in Two Weeks, Police Say

Ryan Hudson, 20 - SLMPD
Ryan Hudson, 20

Ryan Hudson, 20, and an accomplice broke into a St. Louis home on January 5, forced one woman to put her face in a chair and held a gun to the head of another woman as she filled the suspects' bag with money.

Then two weeks later, the same men returned to the home -- and robbed the same two women again, this time forcing them into a basement as they searched the home for money. One of them punched one of the victims in the face.

At least these are the accusations against Hudson, who, the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office announced today, is facing charges of robbery, armed criminal action, kidnapping and burglary. What about his accomplice?

It's unclear why only one suspect has been charged in this case, but the Circuit Attorney's Office, in a lengthy probable cause statement, explains that there were in fact two suspects that allegedly terrorized these women on two separate occasions. Hudson admitted that they broke into the house together -- twice.

And the report, full version on view below, has some grim details about both ordeals.

The two women, identified in the report as J.B. and B.S, live in South City on Utah Place, in the Tower Grove area; it's not clear what their relationship is. They told police that in the first break-in, the two men kicked in their back door at around 4:30 a.m:

On January 5, 2013, defendant and another unidentified man forcibly entered the home belonging to J.B. and B.S. by kicking in the back door. J.B. and B.S. told me that both men were armed with handguns. The men forced both victims into the living room. B.S. was forced to put her face into a chair. The men demanded money from a safe.... A gun was put to J.S.'s head while she put money into the bag. The men were in the home for approximately thirty minutes and they left with the money.

Then on January 17:

[The] defendant and the other man returned to the home belonging to J.B. and B.S. They entered the home through a second story window above their front porch. The men approached B.S. with a handgun and forced her first floor where J.S. was located. The men searched and ransacked the home looking money. The men took $4,000, several pieces of jewelry, an iPhone and the keys to their business. The men were in the home for approximately two hours. Before they left, they forced the women into the basement.

During this incident, "B.S. was punched by one of the men in the face."

Continue for more details on the home invasions and the full report.

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