Undecided Voters Are Stupid, Some are Cubs Fans, Jokes Daily Show

The wits over at The Daily Show -- along with the rest of America -- haven't pulled any punches against Chicago Cubs fans lately, which is just fine by all of us here at The Rundown.

In a segment that appeared on last night's episode of the Comedy Central fake news-o-rama, correspondent John Oliver (last seen in St. Louis on Thursday) broke down the contingent of "undecided voters" who will likely determine who is our next president. These voters, by and are large, are pretty stupid. And a segment of those "stupid voters" are Cubs fans. After 100 years of failure, they've got to be dim-witted to still root for the same team.

Watch the video here: The Daily Show: John Oliver Breaks Down the Stupid Vote

Here's a screen shot of where Oliver really sticks it to the Northsider fans:


-Nick Lucchesi

Thanks to RFT senior art director and die-hard Cardinals fan Tom Carlson for the heads-up.

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