University City Police on the Lookout for Disruptive Wash U. Students

Mar 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm
The University City police are working to "lessen the complaints" from residents in the neighborhood between the Delmar Loop and Washington University campus.

Police chief Charles Adams tells Daily RFT today that his department has received several calls recently from people living along Washington Avenue and Kingsbury Boulevard about noise and other disturbances.
"Our concern is keeping those areas the quiet residential neighborhoods that they're designed to be," says Adams.

This week Washington University students returning from spring break received an email from school officials warning them to be on their best behavior while off-campus in University City.

The school's newspaper, Student Life, writes that University City police have developed a "zero tolerance policy" after numerous complaints about "loud groups of students moving and standing on public streets or alleys late at night, littering, vandalism, public urination and public consumption of alcohol."

The paper cautions that students arrested for such behavior could earn a police record that might (horror of horrors!) affect their admission to graduate school.

Chief Adams, meanwhile, tells Daily RFT he doesn't know where the phrase "zero tolerance" came from. Nor did he know about the email to students or the article in this week's Student Life.

"I can't comment on those things as I haven't seen them," he says. "But what I can say is that, yes, we're going to address issues related to disturbing the peace."