Update: Maggie O'Brien's Shooting

Jun 2, 2009 at 2:37 pm
Here's an update from the St. Louis police department regarding the robbery and homicide at Maggie O'Brien's restaurant and bar last night. The victim has been identified as Michael P. Dolan, a 32-year-old bartender who lived in the 1400 block of S. 18th Street in St. Louis.

Per the police:

INCIDENT: Homicide
LOCATION: 2000 Market (Maggie O'Brien's)
DATE/TIME: 6/1/09@11:42pm
VICTIM: Michael P. Dolan, 32 year old White male
SUSPECT: 2 Black males, described only as wearing white t-shirts, no further description available

Police received a call for a holdup where one person had been shot.  Upon arrival, the victim was found to have been shot at least once but possibly more. An autopsy will help determine how many times the victim was shot and where he was shot. He was taken to a hospital where he died at 2:26am. The investigation revealed that around 11:30pm, there were 5 people (including employees), inside Maggie O'Brien's. 2 Black males entered the establishment, showed guns and announced a holdup. The victim, a bartender at Maggie O'Brien's, ran to a back area of Maggie O'Brien's. Suspect #1 went after the victim while Suspect #2 continued to hold the others at gunpoint. Several shots were heard coming from the back area of the establishment. After Suspect #1 did not return to Suspect #2, Suspect #2 fired a single shot towards the back area of the bar and then ran. It is unknown if Suspect #1 or the victim was hit by that bullet. Once Suspect #2 was gone, the other occupants found the victim in the back area of the establishment bleeding from two gunshot wounds in the chest and back and called police. Neither suspect has been located though it is possible that one suspect is deceased. (See following incident.) The investigation is ongoing.

INCIDENT: Homicide
DATE/TIME: Time of occurrence unknown, police called at 11:47pm
VICTIM: Black male, identity so far unknown, late 20s or early 30s
SUSPECT: Unknown

Around 11:47pm a Black male dropped another Black male off at a hospital, telling hospital personnel that the man had been shot.  He then left the hospital.  Hospital personnel contacted police.  The injured man died during surgery at 2:30am.  The identity of the deceased Black male is so far unknown though he appears to be in his late 20s or early 30s.  He was carrying no identification though investigators hope to identify him through fingerprints which will be taken after an autopsy is conducted.  Due to the time that the man was dropped off at the hospital and the suspicious circumstances, police are investigating the possibility that the deceased Black male and the Black male who dropped him off may be the suspects in the Homicide at Maggie O'Brien's.  It is unknown at this point how the man was injured and by whom but his wound is not believed to be self-inflicted.  The incident is being investigated by Homicide.  The investigation is ongoing.

As always, we would appreciate you airing the number to Crimestoppers, 1-866-371-TIPS.