[UPDATED] St. Louis Vegans Plan Protest for Monday

Oct 24, 2012 at 10:04 am
St. Louis Vegans try to calm hysteria about "eco-terrorism" - Image via
St. Louis Vegans try to calm hysteria about "eco-terrorism"
Update: According to Alexandria Graff of St. Louis Vegans, attendees of an upcoming animal-rights conference plan to protest Wash. U. Medical Center's research on animals this Monday at the intersection of Skinker Boulevard and Forest Park Parkway.

Graff says three weeks ago, she and some colleagues went to Wash. U.'s campus to hand out pamphlets on primate research, but at the main entry were met by two guards and the chief of campus police.

Asked how they knew she was coming, Graff says, "It's still a mystery. They probably have somebody watching us through our e-mail list."

Graff herself says she has learned through public records that last year, Wash. U. did research on more than 100 non-human primates, including chimpanzees. Those records are open, she says, because the research is funded by taxpayers through grants.

She says she hopes the protest lets people know they "investigate what's happening to animals, in our city, with our money."