VIDEO: Ballsy Cardinals Fan Runs Onto Field, Somersaults on Home Plate -- Crowd Goes Wild

May 5, 2015 at 8:30 am
click to enlarge Safe! - Instagram via chuckthechampion
Instagram via chuckthechampion

We know, we know -- Cardinals fans are the best in the world, no debate, no qualifiers, case closed, everyone should just accept it and stop whining. But did you know Cardinals fans also make for the best game-time trespassers?

That's what we learned from last night's wild game against the Cubs, when multiple fans decided they needed to experience what it feels like to run across the Busch Stadium field.

Ultimately, they all experienced what it feels like to be tackled by the stadium's burly security guards. But before that, one fan put on a performance that we won't soon forget. As you can see in the videos below, he sprinted from the outfield, weaved through security like a wide-receiver galloping toward the end zone and capped his mad dash with a floppy somersault onto home plate.

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Here's a another angle of this glorious display of athleticism.

Of course, the fan in question likely spent the rest of the game in a holding cell, so he missed a stunning 10-9 victory over the Cubs. But who cares about the game -- You do you, crazed Cardinals fan. You do you.

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