VIDEO: Chicago Cubs Fans Brawl While Cardinals Win

One fan falls down 6 rows of bleachers after getting kicked in stomach

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A group of Cubs fans, perhaps driven to anger by their teams staggering loss to the Cardinals, got into a brawl in the bleachers of Wrigley field last night.

The fight happened during the second game of a double header in Chicago. The Cubs won the first game 2-0 but the Cards returned the favor and then some in the second, blowing out the Cubs 13-3.

The brawl broke out in the eighth inning of the second game when the Red Birds were up 7-3.

Video of the incident shows the fight already in progress with a handful of fans and a Wrigley attendant trying to keep two people apart. There's a lot of limbs and shaky camera work, though, making it hard to know exactly what's going on.

The Jackass-esque highlight of the video is when a Cubs fan wearing the jersey of number 44 first baseman Anthony Rizzo takes a kick to the stomach and somersaults backward down about half a dozen rows of bleachers. As he tumbles, he passes by another man holding a stack of empty cups at least two feet tall, which in Chicago parlance is known as a cup snake.

Despite the nasty fall, number 44 is back up on his feet quickly, even seeming to smile through the ordeal.

When the camera pans back up, a man in a 2016 World Series Championship Cubs jersey is being restrained by man wearing a jersey for Cubs catcher Willson Contreras, number 40.

"He fucking hit me. He fucking hit me," the world champ guy screams.

Act II of the 57-second clips begins with a Cubs fan in a novelty "Mai Tai Guy" jersey, number 0, doing his best to act as an envoy between number 44 who took the spill down the bleachers and world champ fellow, still being held back and bleeding slightly from small gash above his left eye.

The man's "Mai Tai Guy" twitter profile indicates he frequents those bleachers, and he is adroitly acting as their ad-hoc sheriff.

The true highlight comes at the 42 second mark when someone chants in the familiar Busch stadium cadence, "Let's go Cardinals!"

TMZ reported that there was only one arrest at Wrigley that night, and it was unrelated to the brawl in the bleachers.

The RFT reached out to the Mai Tai Guy.

When asked what caused the brawl, Mai Tai Guy says, "The Cubs low in the standings and tickets being cheap contribute to the debauchery."

He adds, "What started the fight was a spilled cup snake and two guys jawing at each other about it before throwing punches."

Moral of the story: Take care with the cup snakes.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article referred to Willson Contreras as a former pitcher for the Cubs. He is a catcher on the current roster. We regret the error.

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